Reeds and Thorny Vines are not used in any Arcane Recipes

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Helena Day

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In the game, Reeds are listed as a Tier 1 Protective Reagent, and Thorny Vines are listed as a Tier 1 Offensive Reagent, but there don’t appear to be any Tier 1 Arcane recipes that actually use these.

Reeds may be used for furniture – if so, perhaps their description should reflect that, instead.

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I noticed, after a while, that I had accumulated a lot of these, and had never used them for anything, and that puzzled me.

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Sure, once I noticed that I didn’t need these, I moved them out of storage to make some room for things I actually DO use.

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Just have those things in your inventory, and see if there’s anything Arcane you can actually make with them.

Reeds can make some furniture items but Thorny Vine has no known recipe. Either it’s bugged or the item it is used for was removed from the game but Thorny Vine was not. I have been just tossing them.

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