Reekwater Design :(

Whom ever designed the town of Reekwater needs their head examined. Who ever thought that it would be a good idea to snake the longest path around the settlement from downstairs at the crafting stations all the way up to the Auction house that sits right above them must have been stoned. The houses there are ghastly as well. The design of Reekwater and Weavers Fenn are completely awful at least Weavers Fen is relatively flat.

The entire map is soo dreary and dark all the time then you put this horrible, poorly designed and laid out town in it. I’ve avoided playing in Reekwater soo much I hate the place but we just recently captured it and I’m actually forced now to use the damn place.

Can anything be done with it to give it a facelift please it’s soo horrible looking and such a bad design!

Am I right?


I don’t think you’re right. I mean you’re right about the dreary, dark vibe…it’s Reekwater. The town - like WF - is supposed to be dilapidated and run down, but you knew that when you went to war over it. :wink:


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Nop, It is one of the coolest and unique cities. The feeling of haunted swamp is incredible.


You my friend are a contrary.

amazing location, wtf. :dizzy_face:
Different cities > copypaste.

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Reek is fine, just needs more bridges connecting from ground to the top. Also move the teleport to inside the city.


@Cristari When providing feedback, please do so without making personal attacks towards The Devs or members of the community. Your critique of Reekwater’s layout and design have been noted. Have a great day.


I never experienced a community more self-centered where people make absurd demands. It’s a video game, trying to provide towns with some sort of diversity. Jesus Christ…


Noted however the so called attacks were more a comment on their thought processes than their personality!

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