Reekwater Named Elite Respawn Exploit

They wont do jack squatt… .

Can we get an official response on the exploits? I just checked and the same guild is still doing it.


Told ya, not doing anything about it…

Community manager responded not too long ago. You are expecting an answer too fast.

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I think it was more a point to bring attention to the issue beyond the glitch that’s being discussed.

Take the company in the video provided as an example. After the bug was reported, the company continued to take advantage of this exploit. They took the advantage they gained from this exploit into siege tonight and they won a major territory on their server.

Would they have won without it? We will never know. A big issue that needs to be addressed in a situation like this, not just now but for the future, is what action will be taken against players who take advantage of obvious exploits like this?

Will they walk away with the gear they certainly gained from this exploit, and the territory they possibly gained from this exploit, leaving those who chose not to exploit at a disadvantage?

I certainly don’t expect a same-day response from the community manager or developers but I hope this part of the issue in particular is addressed (not just the gameplay bug itself.) Otherwise, you set a precedent that players should seek to take advantage of these exploits until they are removed.

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As if the majority would be able to lmao

all guilds are doing it

Thanks again for the reports. We will fix this as soon as possible.

Please note that repeatedly chain spawning mobs is considered exploiting and we will continue to investigate all cases and take further actions against accounts who abused such mechanics.


what about the people that did the boar/ bear exploit that people used for xp and Skinning. What about the instant respawn Hemp in winsward ban those people too GG Amazon GG?

If we kill one mob and then run to another mob and run back, is that considered chain spawning? I’m curious how you would like us to farm a single mob repeatedly for the drops. Can you provide some light on this?


@Tosch heres a picture of a company exploiting that same mob. i can submit names directly if you want


The mechanic of respawning should just be removed only allow a boss to be killed once.

You one of the admitted stream snipers ??

We’re just past week 1.
I feel they can hand out severe penalties during this time, e.g., character deletion.
If we’re one year in then the penalty of character deletion becomes more severe because of time invested.
But just one week of work lost – it’s not that big a deal especially since these exploiters probably didn’t really play the game and just looked for exploits anyway.

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yeah i stream snipe every stream looking for exploiters like Validus

It was happening during the alpha already

It shouldnt even be labelled as an exploit since the devs were aware of it since reekwater was added to the alpha but they never cared about stating it was a bug or intended this way
And since it mades its way to the full game while the devs did nothing to “fix” for months and months, we can only assume this is an actual mechanic intended this way

Same as the infinite boars, it has always been since alpha 2, was reported many times on the forum, but here we are, 2 years later and still here


Post the video.

We have our POV of the screenshot.

Please stop trying to false report this.

False reporting? Your company member is literally in the screenshot

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The screenshot doesn’t show anything or prove anything.

Bro we have the twitch vod of that very screenshot you posted. Don’t make me whip that out too.


You can whip out whatever you’d like; just know that your guys are doing the same exact farm spot. Stop acting like the white knight guild leader or whatever you’re attempting to be. It’s sad