Reekwater need a new bridge

This town is a pain in the ass :slight_smile:

Could be nice to have a new bridge in order to faster the road from purple faction to action house
a bit like this :


Reekwater itself needs some love. It’s so inconvenient to navigate that hell hole that next to no one does. I understand the aesthetic goal in mind, but from a functionality standpoint, this is why it is one of the least popular territories.

Reekwater definitely deserves a makeover and hopefully the second time around they can incorporate some ease of access fundamentals in their architecture.

There is no reason for it to be over a swamp that you can fall into, just make the lower level all soggy ground. Then have wooden ramps going up to a second level where all the townboard, storage and trade posts/housing is at. On the swamp floor is where all the trade skill posts can be. I can think of a million other design aspects that could be better utilized than what is there right now.

Thanks for the feedback @Sethox will send this on to the team.

There needs to be a bridge from the town hall to the area by the kitchen, and another way to get from there to the trading post.

The settlement needs a serious rework. Who, in their mind, builds a town over water when there is plenty of viable land nearby? At the very least, it should be designed like a port, not a collection of treehouses. This is a case of art forcing an untenable “lifestyle” on the game.

Weaver’s Fen is in a similar situation. Plenty of viable land that “isn’t” a swampy mess.

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