Reekwater "solo" quests

This isn’t exactly a complaint but more of an observation. There are a few quests in Reekwater that appear to be soloable - and the first parts are. Then you do part 2 and get owned. Anybody else experience this?

A couple examples are the pirate related quests. In one, you place an explosive and then fight off the spawns. It’s a good fight that you handle by pulling out all the stops and at the end it spawns a huge elite that just kicks your a$$ :slight_smile:

Same sort of thing on another pirate quest where during part 2 you should fight off the two pirate spirits that spawn. Problem is they kick your a$$ :slight_smile:

A third example is the druid one where you start a ritual at the alter in part 2 - only get your a$$ kicked :slight_smile:

Noticing a pattern here? I will have to get one of my company mates to group with me to complete these “solo” quests I guess.

I think it would be OK if they just state in the quest that it’s not a solo quest.

Maybe my char is just weak tho - I’m a healer so maybe some of you DPS kings can solo these.

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Nope same issue should be able to solo those but IMO the ELITE is to OP (he’s level 65 elite) for that quest unless you have guildies/online friends or players in the zone that can help. Otherwise for me it’s on the long finger until I possibly can get 600 gs.

I might be wrong on this part but two patches ago that elites did become more OP and it could have affected the quest ones to the same level of OP. Yes it should still feel like a combat but winnable to finish the quest.

Edit to add should

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You’re absolutely not wrong on the subject of elites… Major buff across the board

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Totally agree, I had the same experience with these exact quests. They appear to be solo content and all the content up until the boss fight is soloable, but for the bosses themselves it feels like they accidentally added a few too many 0s onto the end of their hp pool. The actual fight is fine, but the health pool is literally several orders of magnitude out.

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I think what happened with patch 1.1.1 is they wanted to buff elites in the zones where the zerg runs were taking place and the buffs took efefct for all elites in the game.

AGS said the buffs were not intended.

So that explains how elite quests were labelled as solo became not solo.

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