Refining reagents

need a double or triple drop for every kind of flux. take a loot at most any server and notice the costs of flux of any tier vs any other kind…you will quickly see 4-8x the cost…youve bottlenecked even the basics of crafting to rando loot chests and it feels HORRID.

either up the drop rate of flux 10 fold or allow us to CRAFT FLUX as well as other reagents…and dont make it a equality stupid prosses make it something proper…


We need a refining reagent buff running out of sandpaper, flux, tannin etc to quickly when leveling our skills and we do not get enough when we go out and do chest runs for reagents. The most i have gotten in 2 hours was about 20-70 of the over all reagents.

or another idea just remove the requirement of them. so in theory you can make everything without the need of reagents but they could be ADDED in as an option to increase yield for all things. so i could take a pile of silver+gold+paladaium and end up with paladium bars with no flux needed or i could addin flux and easily double or triple my yield but adding it in in any part of those steps

I remember one of the first things they changed was dramatically decreasing the materials you get from looting. Why they did this is beyond me. The stuff weighs too much too so you can’t collect too much or else suffer the storage space it takes up.
Damn storage is a joke

could even just make the reagents a MAGICAL element of ONE kind that works on everything and craftable at the arcane table with motes…i can farm a ton of motes with ease farming reagents is like pulling teeth to only end up with more of one than another that i dont need, 1/2 chance to even collets a reagent (or whatever it is) and then a 1/5 its the one i need (say flux!)