Refund 2h in steam with +5h in queue?

Exactly what I was saying @AesSedai.

If you were not sure if you wanted to play until you tested and you saw the queue time was that long, Yes it is your fault.

You said you wanted to test it though? There are plenty of servers with small queues. Just join them.

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Sure mate, I will ask Bezos to give you some % of the company equity.

This is precisely why the game industry has such low expectations because we got people like you that accepts anything, like 2k server cap +600k queues, but yes it’s my fault :kissing_heart:

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Well my company was intelligent enough to do research and pick a server that we wouldn’t have 5hr queue times. All of us got in and are playing… Enjoy the game! We are!!!

Yes yes @s1nist3r, I need to make a plan and invest time in research all the servers to play a paid game like you did all to say it’s my fault bla bla bla :rofl:


If you want a refund after the 2 hours I THINK you do it like this

Login Steam Support

Then click your name in top right

Account Details → View Purchase History-> Pick the game in question → I have a question about this purchase.

People on the NW steam forum have been talking about getting refunds after the 2 hours .


So you are clever and your company is more clever than mine! Now go troll somewhere else because you are off topic.

i got refunded after 10 hours in queue

I suspect this is a Lumberyard game engine limitation; Star Citizen is having the same problem getting a lot of people onto their servers as well, and has ever since they moved to lumberyard (to be fair, this was a bigger problem in the crysis3 engine; but since lumberyard is a version of the cryengine; it’s not surprising it has similar limitations)

We might never see more then 2k per server.

not when the company owns aws. there is no excuse.

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No it cant lol. Also 20k doesn’t mean anything. The moment a lot of people concentrate in one region, the server starts to instance players.

Also its a lot easier to handle the lag from large amounts of players when your whole game works with tabtargeting.

And what about the fact that every single f**** server is full ?
You’re very cleaver, aren’t you ?

server meshing will increase star citizens server population and without that they are limited.

Pretty dumb comment tbh, all of EU servers have 1500+ queue as we speak.

guess what i got in after 2 hours wait, that was with 400 queue, then some server authenticator error, and then relogged 900 queue, after more than 1 hour waiting it was around 670 and i stopped as my GPU is doing 92% while waiting in queue.

just now i thought let me check and mind whopping 1400 queue is the smallest of all EU servers!

That seems like a silly comment no offense.

Some of us work and have lives.

Last night at launch my wife and I were there RIGHT at launch time for AU. In under 5 minutes. We were 13.5k in que.

After seeing the number move by 100 after an hour we tried another server.

To their credit, Amazon had opened up a new server and we got in on that one in about 15 minutes.

Now today, I finished work at 5pm. I loaded up the game and was 40 in que.

As I type this its after 7pm and ive been sitting #1 in que for about 20 minutes. How can you sit first in que for 20 mins and not move?

And this was on last nights new server.

Its a bit ridiculous tbh

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Results from an alpha and two betas would have indicated this was going to happen. All popular MMOs since the dawn of the internet have had launch day issues. If they haven’t, they haven’t been popular games.

If you’re not abusing refund like most ppl do, you can even have a game refunded after playing for 14 hours. Sm1 actually reviews the refund yk.

Yeah and not to mention the whole login servers are busy after waiting in a que of 2000 to be kicked out and put to the back of the que again…

How can you try it? Simple don’t try to log in to an mmo you do not know you want to play on launch day. Having been at most all major mmo launches this is what I have learned over the years.

  1. Do not take launch day off work.
  2. Do not think you will have shorter queues or no stability issues for at least a few days after launch
  3. These issues occur for all major mmo launches thus #1
  4. Within usually 3 or 4 days things have settled down queue times are not horrible
  5. Don’t try rushing it’s not a race most of us have more time than money so let it settle then start playing

@s1nist3r it seemed to me, that you don´t have any idea, what you are talking about…i for example, tried to log into one not that high populated servers, around 2000 (which at that time was one of the lowest populated servers) and i got stuck for about 5 hours in the queue…my position in line was 808…i had to wait for about 5 hours, dude…i agree with “Valyne”
“we are talking about AMAZON, not InnerSloth. They know how many copies they sold. There are no excuses, but terrible management of a game.”

and even after 24 hours after the release the numbers are still high and the waiting is still long. while i was writing this reply i made it up around 25 places in the queue. and more importand, once you have successfully logged into one of those servers and created a character, you have to go with that specific server, cause you only can creat 2 characters. so, dear s1nist3r, next time, think twice, before you tell someone, that it is his fault, to wait that long…we did not expecte such high waiting time…