Refund policy for amazon and steam

If u bought game from Steam ur fucked cause of their dumbass policy (Amazon actually does offer a refund if u played over 100 hours since they offered it to me but well…i bought it from Steam…)
And make sure to contact live chat support, fuck ticket submiting (and be nice to live support cause thjey are nice and proffesional).

In reality it is not so steam reimburses new world and only new world even if you have exceeded the famous 2 hours of play or 2 weeks from the purchase.
Do the steam procedure again and you will see that “magically” you will get the refund

i did, i approached it differently and know im waiting for a reply

It is really anomalous as steam’s behavior, because in fact steam has always followed its own guidelines for refunds.
It is clear to me that Amazon games are behind it.
Everyone can make their own deductions about it freely.

Go to your bank and make refund from there. it is easier way. Because they release a not full game and fu… everything. It is COOP game not MMO.

Bank will agree to it?

Of course you can try it. It is on Amazon to prove the game is in good state.

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