Refund process and template for EU players

Since the news of the Server Transfer limitations on cross region transfers, I’ve put in my refund request to Steam.
Not seeking to start a bandwagon, and if you’re an EU player that’s happy with playing in another region and the time zones for War/Invasions and the general server population aren’t an issue for you, happy for you.

At no point within the Server transfer megathread is there any indication that cross region transfers are being looked at, and at this point they have lost credibility even if they said they are.
Pre-responding to why people cant just reroll onto an EU server, if availability has improved that there are servers to join (I haven’t looked, I only remember launch experience) I have no motivation to start again.
I also don’t want to condone this kind of behaviour and am “Voting with my wallet”.

For those like me, an EU player that rolled onto a US server because we were told that cross region transfers could happen then I’ve shared my refund request below and am hoping for the best.
I feel like Amazon games as publishers should be more formal with this bad experience and contact Game vendors like Steam to support refunds for limited times if this how they intend to proceed RE server transfers.

Reason: Publisher made false statements

At the time of launch, New World encountered issues like most MMOs do. This included issues of new players being able to join a server to play the game. Around this time, New World support via Twitter, put out statements that new players could join any servers to start playing and that they were working on server transfer features.

Within a specific tweet chain, New World support responded to a user question on whether it’s possible to transfer from a US server to an EU server, which the response was yes. (Ref: Based on the above statement and consensus this would be available soon, I proceeded playing the game on a US server as an EU based player.

On the 8th October, New World published a megathread on their Forums. This focused on Server Transfers, and the first time more details were provided and community managers working for/on behalf of the publisher would respond to community questions. (Ref: [Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread)

In the initial post, the following FAQ statement and response is made:
“So the “transfer to any server” statement issues earlier was not true?”
“Unfortunately the original information provided was incorrect.”

This shows the publisher has acknowledged they have provided false statements, regardless of whether it was known at the time this was false. However, it influenced my decision to play on a non-EU server as at the time of launch no EU servers were available, and so influenced my decision to refund the game.
While the base gameplay itself is playable on US servers, the mechanics of War and Invasions are at set times reasonable for their regions. With US time zones being 8-10 hours difference from EU time zones, this makes times unreasonable for EU players. Thus, I am not getting the game I was advertised and paid for.

From the same megathread on the New World Forums, a community manager has made the following comment:

“If you want a refund please contact the place you purchased the game.”

(Ref: [Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread - #424 by NW_Mugsy)


I’m exactly the same. Levelled to 40 on US East server because I couldn’t get onto ANY EU servers. I have absolutely zero interest in playing the rest of the game without friends and missing out on content that is scheduled for US time. Also zero interest in grinding through 40 levels again to get back to where I am. The games only just enjoyable enough to grind through low levels once, definitely not twice.

I’ve tried so hard to give the game and the Devs the benefit of the doubt for the launch fiasco, but this is the nail in the coffin. Just wasted 40+ hours of my life.


“Could happen”? You based your decision CAN HAPPEN? LOL. F in chat for this guy pls.

They based their decision on what they were told by the game developer was going to happen. Snotty little troll.


Can happen it means there is a chance. Will happen means its confirmed and it will happen. xD

Some people just like to poke the bear, just ignore him

What part of “Yes, you can move between regions if you want” suggests any doubt? I’m guessing English isn’t your first language or you’re about 13 if you’re struggling with something that basic.


Response back from Steam was above their 2h play time refund policy. So NW Twitter did their bit to minimise refunds I guess…

yeah its automated response with the above 2 hours of gameplay. ive made a different ticket under some random subject so i can get a hold of an actual person and not just the 2h our bot thats declined m 5+ times now

To get away from the automated Bot (steam) BS

some people say this worked:

Admittedly that was the first week.

Thank you, I will also be asking for a refund! This is unnaceptable

Just play in the Region you live! They explained why its not possible to switch regions.

But might be the punishment for you to not be patient or play on a smaller server in the beginning, which obviously would have be filled.

I had some waiting times but tbh i played every evening i wanted to play so far.

Dont crush the game because of your lack of patience and also some comensense

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