Refunds for Expeditions and Extreme Lag

I see in chat were some orbs are being refunded to those that used them when there was a bug in the expedition, and I hope people can get a refund when they lag and disconnect (whole group or server wide) during an expeditions and most likely die. But what about the ones that paid 1k-10k to get into that failed expedition? Can we get some type of refund or something? I’m guessing that it’s too hard to implement that kind of thing, so they should maybe scrap the whole stupid orb thing. Last night, my Gen group lagged and disconnected 2x and I had a 20 second lag detected crap message and then the tank died. Failed expedition. I’d like the orb holder to get a new orb and I want my entrance money back. If we can’t do that, then stop the crappy design.

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