Regarding bots running rampant

As I am sure we are all aware there is a insane amount of bots just freely roaming around in the worlds. I am also aware that New World uses EAC, i am not sure why EAC is so much more effective in a game like Rust then here with the time of report to ban ratio but i have a feeling it has something to do with what options/filters New World is requesting EAC use.

It is a huge issue either way. Im not trying to knock New World in any way either, i appreciate the progression that has taken place. But i do have a idea that more then likely has been though of but i am not quite sure if anyone has mentioned it.

There are plenty of people who take the time out of their day to seek out and report these bots in an effort to get them banned and clean up their servers. Some of these people, no doubt, have great track records on “players” they report being actual bots. I think there should be some system in place where trusted players like these have the ability to report a player they think is undoubtable botting and that player would then get an immediate ban pending review. The reporting player would then record whatever evidence they had against the player and upload it and submit a form, so that reviewing staff have any information/evidence they may need.

There is always a chance that some player with this power may abuse it of course, so punishment for abusing such a thing should be severe, permanent ban no questions asked.

I honestly think the good that can come from trying something like this out would far outweigh the possible “corruption” that would come from someone abusing it, the damage control would be far less to handle then these actual bots running our economy.

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PLEASE AGS, KILL THE BOTS. HIRE AN INTERN FOR CHRIST SAKE TO BE YOUR DAM MODS!!! PUT A SUBSCRIPTION OR SOMETHING TO STOP THE BOTS!!! You can put reply bot on to monitor our reply’s but not your dam game.

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