Regarding disabled coin transfer

If you need to disable coin transfer due to an ongoing duping exploit, please don’t punish all the players who didn’t do anything bad.

Freeze the auction house completly so sell and buy orders don’t run out and the fee is lost.
Also give us more storage space while the coin transfer is disabled so we can at least store farmed items.


I can’t buy at trade post. Says coin tranferal disabled. When will this be fixed?

They can’t correctly identify “the players who didn’t do anything bad”. That’s why they freeze everything, ban a handful of naive first time cheaters and then unfreeze it so the seasoned exploiters can get back to business.

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This is something an ex-seasoned exploiter would say.

Unfortunately I don’t have the smarts. If I did I wouldn’t be wasting time and exposing myself in the forums. I’m still running in faction armor and weapons without a single crafting skill (besides cooking) above 100.

Hell, if I was half smart I’d probably not be playing New World in this state.

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It is so weird, cause I play just a couple of days and did not do anything but quests. How may they think that I’m a cheater? :slight_smile:

Well, atleast you’re smart enough to make the right assessment. Now act on it.

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Is there any timeframe of when this will be resolved?

Well just logged in to the game after a day of work just to find out AGS disabled coin transfer once again… Nice very nice indeed. I understand this is needed, but I won’t deny I’m losing interest…

I can see the need to stop coin transfers, but does this mean if I run out of arrows, I can’t have a friend craft some for me and give them to me?

Freezing wealth transfers is one thing; affect the ability to play the game is drastically different.
Very unhappy.

Greetings @Sardukk

I do apologize about the unexpected experience you had within your play-through.

In this case you can take a look at this article: [Notice] Temporarily Disabling All Forms of Wealth Transfers that explains why this option was disabled.

I hope this information granted has been provided you gives a great and helpful insight.

Please don’t do anything of this sort.

You’ll break 12 more things trying to get these two done. Just get this finished and back up as quickly as possible.

Any chance you could do literally anything other than penalising all players? Maybe allow trades but with limits, or limit money transfers? Anything so that friends can actually trade items and… ya know… do things?

I am aware of the current issues, but freezing the trade post can’t be to difficult.
Now the storage is almost over double capacity since sale orders run and you can’t put them up again.

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