Regarding EU Global announcement

Hey Devs,

Regarding your ‘global message’ about joining other worlds with no/smaller queue’s, there is a reason we want to play on the servers we are on and don’t want to change… many are part of communities on that server, many have friends on said server, and why would we want to join the servers with no one on? it will be boring as nothing will be as less things like wars will be happening? just accept the servers are not big enough already PLEASE! I refuse to move server as I have enjoyed the server I’ve been playing on.


I will say that message feel like a bit of a kick in the teeth to EU players stuck in a 4000 queue that are level 30+ and have their entire guilds already established in a server.


Yeah, just tried this.
I’m failing at the point to get my Name back :confused:

If the possibility to switch server was already here maybe we would do it xD

Just enable the free character transfer that was promised. I’ll happily move to one of the new Servers.

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Some people might be happy to move when the allow us too but I’m not starting from fresh just because an MMO has small servers… like I said, I want to play with the community I’m in and the friends that I also have on the server I’m in.

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