Regarding Heal aim and collisions in Expeditions


I am about 400+ hours gameplay in currently and this is starting to be a bit more annoying as the usual.


I love that there is no collisions in towns, with those available it nearly wouldn’t be possible to reach auction house or some crafting stations - at least on high population servers.

  • Collisions enabled in expedition is an issue, a critical one, as you cannot simply ‘get near’ back of monsters because there are two/three other members that block your attacks reaching enemy.

While doing expeditions this is different issue unless team is composed of multiple range attackers and single mele DPS + Tank. I think everyone expeienced already how badly designed some ‘hit boxes’ on some boss/elite/champion monsters are.

An example - These dogs in Dynasty Expeditions that are in cages with Isabelle

  • They simply shuffle with tank left/right/right into texture (by the way, as soon as you get knocked into texture, you loose all agro).

This is an issue because you are tryring to tank a literal ‘tank’ that moves you left right, and it doing that not with its attacks but simply its model, which is also an issue when it performs certain attack, example :

  • Enemy takes step back to do its animation, then somethings weird happens and I can see my abilities go thru enemy and do no hit at all, I need to either move few meters away or/and swap weapon to “re adjust my poition on server side”

  • Enemy model (again, lets take example these dogs from Dynasty while fighting Isabelle) is weird square that it kinda too big which don’t allow whoever tries to tank it, land hits while enemy perform certain animations - This is an issue, yes you can ‘wait it out for perfect moment’ but that’s not how it should be.

I think dear developers, you need to experrience it by yourself, go there turn on Immortal mode and fight these dogs from Isabelle in Dynasty Expedition and see what I meant to express here.

Regarding Healing

I would like to ask whoever designed this healing system following questions:

  • Dear Sir/Madam, did you ever try/experience how it feels to heal with whatever you came up with?

Selecting via button press/mouse wheel or ‘free aim’ is horrible for some spells. This is really bad experience for whoever like to play heal type builds. Also it is nearly impossible to heal other parties while in outpust rush or in open world pvp - well ‘yes you can’ but that is so badly designed that lets stick to impossible.

I would suggest to change it to point and click for group members

  • I want to heal Member no. 3
  • I press Heal
  • I click on Member no. 3 Party name
  • My heal goes to that person

It is simple
it works
It won’t cause bad experience while exploring Events/Expeditions/Pvp when you try to do ‘quick heals’

Bonus Suggestion:

  • Please take a look at range/and-or change skill descriptions for certain abilities, as it is kinda annoying in long term
  • Defiant Stance in Sword/Shield - “provoke all withing 8m”, not really unless 8M is in fact about 2m range. I happened to experience multiple times that 7+ monsters were next to me while I used that, and only up to 5 got ‘provoked’. So either that isn’t working as intended or there’s upper limit how many targets can be provoked or that changes depending on how many “party members” are close to me as those can be consideted “targets” for my provoke
  • Any kind of AoE spell/Heal when you try to Heal someone from lets say “40m” you simply place heal under your feet. Therer is no ‘range’ related information under skills, is this intended or bugged? When I try to heal someone from time to time, and he’s in other side of boss room, i just place it under myself even if I see circle under my party member and not touching anything else but cast said heal…

Thank you for reading this,
Kind regards,

I can confirm the healin is totally fed up, i sometime try to heal someone who received 90% HP hit very fast, coz he can die soon and using roll on my mice i sometimes roll too much and heale someone else. That sucks. Also healing other from outside my party is almost impossible. Should be solved.
The thing with pushig each other when melee dps is also very wrong. If you have tank, heal and 3 melee dps doing an instance is ineffective.
Thank You.

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