Regarding this most recent healer nerf

“The purpose of the Life Staff adjustments are to move some of the healing power into the light and medium equip loads while reducing some of the power of the tanky healing builds. We also want to make it easier to properly target and heal the correct group members.”

I would actually argue that the purpose of the Life Staff adjustments are to further nerf the class (as if it hasn’t been enough). Here’s some math.

Let’s say my base damage/heal is 100 pre-patch. With my healing bonus of 10% (medium load), I heal for 110.

Now we’re getting a 20% nerf. So my base damage/heal is now 80. With my healing bonus of 15% (medium load), I now heal for 92. So I went down from 110 to 92.

Even if I was a light armor user, my heal would be going from 120 to 104. This really just seems like a nerf rather than a redistribution of power. Am I missing something here?

On a side note…this is like the third patch in a row my character has been nerfed and it’s getting really annoying since life staff also deals like ⅓ of the stamina damage to a blocking player/enemy that a melee attack does, so I’m spending over 90 seconds fighting 1x Lv60 Shield-bearing NPC because it takes so damned long to break their defense. This new void gauntlet had better kick ass, because I seriously cannot do effective damage with any other weapon even if I throw a Tier V Nature damage gem in it (so it’s based on 50% Focus). My character is 100% Focus, btw. I favor items with Focus primary and Constitution secondary or simply full Focus.

Suggestion: Increase the stat conversion percentages of gems to a higher max, say 70-80% on a Tier V. That way life staff users could be more versatile by using ANY weapon as a secondary instead of being railroaded into void gauntlet since Intelligence is not an option because it’s a waste of points.

Secondary idea: Make life staff have a secondary stat of Intelligence so it’s not completely pointless for a life staff user. Some would undoubtedly argue here “but you can deal more damage with X magic weapon” and I would say “yeah but any damage you deal is going to be incredibly watered-down and thus useless unless you invest a serious fraction of your overall stat points into intelligence which would then make your healing incredibly weak.”

Please stop nerfing me :frowning:


Collecting another healer’s tear. :cry::cry:

Collecting the trolling comments from people who have trouble with thinking.:drooling_face: :drooling_face:

Stop crying im gonna clap more babies like u when pvp flagged without your paladin class to play with. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

That’s the best response you have?

They really should age restrict these forums to people who can have a reasoned conversation rather than some snarky comment, kids.



Paladin/Tank healer builds will still work regardless of the nerfs. They will have to directly reduce the healing output while in heavy armor in order to nerf those two builds. If they were to add a -50% to -80% outgoing healing from life staff for heavy armor, then those two classes would be nerfed. Until that happens, the survivability heavy gives is worth the healing loss in this upcoming patch.

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What happens with tanks in a PvE scenrio if you reduce incoming healing on heavy equipload?

Just apply it for PvP then, since the main issue they were targeting was healers in PvP.

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Sounds like a triggered life staff abuser snarling.

Aww here’s a treat, go play with your little wand.

It’s the only change among the most used weapons that I agree with, it still has great survival power, but it’s no longer invincible, that can’t happen, 8 players attacking and the opponent doesn’t die.

Bonuses are applied to base dam/healing and not your total. So without knowing exactly what they changed you can not make that conclusion.

You forget the hop to get an additional 10% healing, and 3 heavy attacks for another 30% healing. But we all to lazy to do that.

Judging from the comments you are making, it seems to me the only one with a little wand around here is you. Let’s hope that as you get older, it gets bigger. Otherwise I suggest investing a microscope and some fur coated tweezers. :see_no_evil:


we are not talking about the same wand aren’t we? what i’m referring to is the life staff.

Perhaps someone is excessively sensitive to such terms that his first acquired response is pointed in an interpretation towards his insecurities. :thinking::thinking: Hope yours can grow bigger and not just your st*******y

Nice to see you actually are intelligent. At least you are capable of understanding double entrendre. Shame you cannot seem to apply that level of understanding to other things.

While I agree that there are Healer builds and healer skills that are far too powerful. I.E HA/Shield/CON build healer and lights embrace to name 2 of them. A far better solution would have been to do what others have suggested and change the bonuses on Armor to outgoing healing. Say for example +25 / 0 / -25 for LA / MA / HA respectively. An across the board nerf of healing doesn’t hurt the healer so much as the rest of the group whether it be in PVP or in PVE.

A properly played healer still gets more benefit from equipping HA and a Shield than wearing LA. Even before the patch a healer who is too busy healing himself is a net loss to the team in both PVE and PVP.

What do you intend to do when the new expeditions and harder modes of current expeditions come into the game and your group healer is always dying because of the way aggro works in this game and the amount of damage a boss does? Certainly, drink down those healing potions. I will gladly sell you more for a nice profit.

I do not PVP in this game as I prefer hardcore PVP with full loot and preferably permadeath. If you die your character and everything on it is gone. Whether your opponent loots it or it just rots on the ground. If there ever is an MMO with both full loot and permadeath that is where I will be found.

And I doubt at age 50+ and fathering 3 kids of my own that my wand is going to grow any bigger. Besides, the size of the wand is not the issue, knowing how to use it is.

Sorry to hear your weapon got nerfed, mine did too. I think the life staff was really unfair when people used heavy armour. Just sitting there with 10 people battering them. Hopefully it will be viable in light armor though. I think its the same case with the fire staff, that will be viable in light armor too instead of medium.

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They’ll stop nerfing you when you’ll stop being OP

No, healers have been absolutely and fundamentally broken, especially groups of them.

Get over it, please.

There’s no question about the math because we’re assuming a value for the base heal. How we come to acquire the base value is irrelevant for the purposes of this math. It wouldn’t matter if the base heal was 900. If it was, I’d assume pre-patch my base heal was 990.

Unless there’s some really fucky math going on behind the scenes, if my base heal is 100, 10% added on means 110. We’re completely setting aside mitigation and all that for the sake of a simple math calculation based on what was stated in the patch notes. (Unless that was inaccurate.)

I don’t use the 3 heavy one - heavy attacks are a waste of time imo since they only deal another 20% damage and take too much time to prep. But once again, these points are irrelevant to the calculation of base healing that I’m talking about in the post… :frowning: