Regen Rates based on Armor

Many games in the past have set values on resource regen based on Armor.

Light Armor - (Meditation x 4) Fast Regen Mana/Stam (current regen is fast)
Medium Armor - (Meditation x 2) Normal (avg) Regen Mana/Stam
Heavy Armor - (Meditation x 1) Slow Regen Mana/Stam

It makes sense. Who is faster a person in plate or in cloth? Who is more defensive? Pro’s and Con’s are needed for balance.

A healer in Full Plate is more defensive, but can only last for so long and need support from their team while they “catch their breath” Regen.

A healer in Cloth is less defensive, but more mobile and can heal a whole lot more and relies on their team for PEELS!

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