Region character count limits

Has there been any discussion about removing or adding to the character count limit per region?

Being limited to only 4 characters in NA is incredibly discouraging, especially when friends join late and you want to play with them. Any thoughts?

Yes, Fresh Start servers will be adding a character slot.

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Oh! Very nice! Just one per region? Why not more I wonder?

I personally don’t think more than that would really be useful and I imagine they’d want you to purchase another copy of the game :wink:

Why would it not be “useful”? I think that would best be left up to the player that purchased the game. So many other MMORPG’s allow the player to have so many more characters.

Purchasing a second copy is ludicrous when you consider the state of the game mere months ago (and very possibly 3 months from now), let’s be real here. :rofl:

Thank you for your initial reply none the less. :slight_smile:

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