Region Server Transfer Status

Yea, agreed. An update on being able to transfer region would be appreciated. I know it may take some time and they are also dealing with other issues at the moment, such as the world transfers. But some form of acknowledgement and brief comment would very much throw us a bone.

Or even better, a single pinned forum channel would be good. There are new posts every day on this topic and dredging through them to see if there is news isn’t fun.

@Luxendra please help if you can.

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Yea my friends are able to transfer and i cant cause it says i still have active trading post but i already cleared them all out. i hope they fix this ASAP.

I have a bad feeling they arent answering because the impacted characters ARENT going to be able to transfer, ever.

Hard to deliver bad news lol. If my fiancee cant transfer out with me I’m just done. We’ve been waiting forever now while everyone else (edit, that we play with )has already xferred. Taken our items down from the auction multiple times, lost tons of gold, no idea what TF is going on with this game.


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At this time, our statement from the Megathread still stands:

Q: Is there a potential for regional transfers to come in the future?
A: There is potential, yes, and we are working on it now. Cannot provide an ETA because it is a very different process, but when we realized we had created confusion on this, we felt we owed it to the community to find a solution.

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Well, when is the future? at the end of November?
at the end of 2021? after the release of star citizen?

after nobody gonna play the game anymore xD

So what does that mean for the current situation? The server I’m on went from a high pop, to a low pop server. I’ve been in queue for Outpost Rush for 2 and a half hours at this time… Can we use the free transfer now, and still be able to region transfer in the future? Or do we lose that ability if we transfer now?

That statement is intentionally ambiguous, though.

What’s the status of the ticket for this issue? Is it assigned and on the board or in the backlog?

Do people wait for it? Do they keep investing time into characters on servers completely outside their time zones?

Or do we bite the bullet and reroll on the servers we actually want to play on?

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Unfortunately I don’t have an answer for you right now. The team is currently working to ensure that server transfers are available for everyone to use since there is still an issue preventing players from even using the first token they were given. Once we have hammered out all of the server transfer issues, I would imagine then they would start looking into that.

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is it looking like at all today will we get a patch for trade? i dont know wether to wait or just play and not trade…

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@Luxendra Any word on when trading will be back up? Large portions of the game are basically unplayable without it. Kinda a big deal.

Do you have a contingency plan in case said players “server of choice” becomes full between now and the time the bug is resolved for that player?

I am one of those players and I fear that by the time the issue is resolved for me, the server will no longer allow transfers and I will be permanently separated from my friends who have already transferred without issue.

Thanks for your hard work and dedication.

What if the issue preventing me from using the free transfer is that I can’t transfer across regions like I was told I could? The team could hammer that one out :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t count on this happening soon, tbh.

it doesn’t matter anymore.
my brain adapted 170ms ping.

life is so much slower now,
thank you.

My guess would be when it’s ready.

:frowning: hopefully this is fixed soon. I really would like to transfer out of my dead server

@Luxendra Would region transfers be easier if players were able to effectively “clear” their characters? ie. remove housing, furniture, and clear out the storages to simply transfer the character their current inventory, and the Gold they posses at that moment?