Region transfer not happening?

So many people could not get in EU before new worlds open and reading the game’s tweet, decided to level on US server. We did it because we actually believed there is going to be REGION transfered. It was stated, we didn’t dream it. The ping makes the servers unplayable. We did this JUST so we level up. What is going to happen to us? Do we need to quit the game? Because not many have the amount of time to spend hours in progressing in so many aspects of the game.
This is unbelievable.


Any question or issue related with the transfers you can go to this thread:

This is about server transfers. I am asking about REGION. As the game had stated on twitter.

Again my friend, any question related with that you can go and ask it there.

At the moment that’s the official information, any other change related with that, you guys will be the first to know in our official sites.

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