Region Transfer where?

Where is the region transfer like you guys said it’s been like 6 months?

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The team’s still working on it! We’ll make an announcement once it’s out.

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Is it a hogh priority or is it being put on the backburner for balancing builds?

Ive been east coast since day 1, trying to go west coast. I live west coast so im hoping the change will bring a reduction in lag and dysync.

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Would it be possible to make an announcement before it’s out? Anticipated timeline, requirements that may differ from the transfers we currently have, etc?

Echoing @BrotherHank is it a priority?

Lotta things I care about getting addressed in this game, but none matter to someone who has left the game because they can’t be where they want to be without rolling a whole new character.

Thank you and the devs for all the progress so far!

Same, but i’m on West trying to get East. I joined a West server to be with friends off the start, but they stopped playing before we could transfer servers to be with each other. Since then i’ve been playing by myself, and since you have to be 60 to play OPR, I didn’t realize how bad the lag / latency was going to be affected by it. I’ve played plenty of games with friends on the West coast and haven’t had it be this bad. I know not all connection issues will disappear, but I know it will help. I think the devs have been doing great work lately, but there’s still progress to make, and region transfers are for sure at the top of my wishlist.

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