Region Transfers! any news?

I don’t remember AGS saying they would offer up 1 region transfer. I do remember the 1 free server transfer though.

What you rememeber is really not importent.
It is promised its in the pipeline. I am asking any news ? If no news plz dont derail the thread anymore ok thx.

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Can you link us to the AGS pipeline where you found this information? That way we know the source?

It’s not possible to transfer across regions with the said token

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They are currently working on it (not at this moment as they are on holiday) so expect updates in the future.


Almost every post about Cross region transfer has those who completely missed the message about How they wanted us to just find ANY server and we would be able to transfer to the server of our Choice Later. SO I’m going to find the relevant information for you.

Firstly, on Launch they were asked by multiple people if they could just make a character ANYwhere then transfer to wherever their friends were later when the Qs weren’t so bad. Albert in the first picture got an Official Reply which Did Not Age Well. However it was The Word of Amazon Games that we’d be able to transfer “Between Regions”. Later on, they made clarifications about transfer limitations and those same people who ended up on the Wrong Regions just to be able to play Day 1 were furious when they read that they would Not be able to transfer cross region as Shown in the 2nd Picture. After all the Bad PR on the Forums and The Twitter from the announcement of Transfers being Locked within Regions, They(Amazon Games) Finally came back around to the Initial Promise and has been Working on it Since. Go Read This Dev Post on the Forums Gauging Interest for how they should Roll it out.

I cant play with my friends because I Told them(Because of the Official post) that they just needed to make a character on any server and reserve their name. Now Im Stuck on US West and They’re on East Until they fix this Issue.

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Region transfers would have definitely stopped the player base from bleeding out as fast as it has, By the time it comes (probably months from now) it will be way too late - most of the players will have quit by then and region transfers aren’t going to bring many back.

I’m hoping that they are still planning on allowing region swap, I don’t mind waiting a 1 day or 2 to be able to play again.

When I made my character I didn’t know that I’m hardlocked into one server and only one server, coming from other modern MMO’s where cross-server or even region is a normal thing this was suprising to me.

End of story; I have quit the game because I can’t play with the communities I am part of and don’t see myself putting another 200 hours in leveling up a character and all the lifeskills on a different region.

Really hoping for a region transfer in the near future so I can join my friends again.


Don’t get your hopes up. The devs have already pretty much given us all the finger. I’m sure they have that one intern working on it, though. Game will be completely dead by the time it actually is usable.

Last time people got Transfers, some ended up merged into the world they left.
Transfers before merges is the wrong way around.

Just hang tight and see if there’ll be a second round of merges first.
High populations after merges is just like launch all over again but with less queues.
See if they lose another 90% of the population with this “new launch” or if it actually stabilizes.
And I think some worlds haven’t even been merged get.

Actually, mergers before transfers is probably the wrong way around. Regional transfers could help fill some servers giving an indication of which servers should be merged.

Add in the fact that latency problems make the game unplayable for some.
One last point. Regional transfers were promised before server mergers was even a topic of conversation.

Telling a player base to hang tight may not be the best approach since many of us have waited since launch.


Bump to stave off inactivity.

would like to hear an update on this as well. My region AP Southeast is dying fast so hoping to transfer to the EU region



Just put a post up about this too.

Would be very nice for some information of when this will happen! Hopefully soon as me and my friends are getting bored stuck on us east with no being able to take part in wars etc due to timezone.

The OP is referring to this post (among others):

LuxendraCommunity Manager

Nov '21

Greetings Adventurers,

As we continue to work on cross regional transfers, we wanted to get a better sense of who is wanting to transfer, from where to where, and what sort of features/accommodations you want and/or need…

The link to the forum post:


Tried for months to hang on , its officially over, I`m a leaver too now. Only from not beeing in right region.

Haven`t been online in 3-4 days by now. So dead for me :

Better luck too the rest of ya.

~Best regards

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At the moment no news on anything…just pure silent treatment. Hopefully we will get a region transfer soon.