Regional server transfer needed

The whole premise of server transfers was put in place so that people who didn’t make it onto the same server as their friends could finally move their character over to play with their friends without being forced to start over. The problem now is a lot of East coast and West coast players are unable to join up due to various reasons. Some on East due to living location but friends, family, guildmates on west coast and vis/versa. So this did not TRULY help out the problem that this was intended to fix.

At this point I’d like to hear from a Dev on when and IF regional server transfers are going to be implemented. It is a simple question, YES or NO and IF YES then when? IF no then go ahead and announce this so you can get the disappointment out of the way and lose players based on this. Cut your loses now or do as you promised as a company and give the FULL fix to the problem and add regional transfers as well.


They did say regional transfers were not going to be possible when they kept updating us on the transfer system. It’s in the official news I believe.

That is good to hear, we shall see if and when this takes place.

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