Regional Server Transfer

Good evening,

Since you had to think to close the megathread although the question was actually still open whether you would get a regional transfer in the future, I’ll just create this one here.
The question still remains, will there be a regional transfer in the future?
Yes, I know you might be working on something but guys, you can’t just close a thread even though a lot of people haven’t got their answer?
So what does it look like?
Is there more specific information than a maybe?

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You can actually find that answer on the megathread: [Megathread] Server Transfer Questions Megathread


Thanks for that, but could we also get information about the eventual process?
Yes, I’m a little impatient, but that’s just because I would like to play with my friends.

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Sorry, I don’t have any information on that at this time but when we do receive some, we’ll share it.


Not sure what kind off MMO’s you used to playing but here in New world people just don’t get to play with friends all willy nilly. /s

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A lot of people are waiting for this, but they said they are working on it so hopefully we can get it eventually.

Bugging people who don’t even decide these things isn’t really going to expedite things. Tweet Bezos. Maybe that’ll work.

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what about full servers you don’t close it until now we have 5k player in 1 server now !!!

well im using the only contact we have to this game.

Any news so far?
if I have to wait any longer it will soon no longer be worthwhile
not only the time, also the players run away from youplayersnewworld


Haven’t touch the game for over a week since your transfers weren’t for regions.You said I could changes servers because of the insane que times.

This game has no replayability for me. I’ve done the grind, why do it again? Friends got bored and left. But I still wait. I check the forums everyday to see if you guys will give an actual answer.

Still waiting…


Have to admit, locking the transfers Megathread and marking it as “Solved” makes me question some things.

Please reopen it or create a new thread for a single-source for people having transfer issues or looking for notifcations on cross-region transfers.

well, seems New World is gonna be the Outrsiders 2.0 of this year.
slowly dying and nobody cares.

sooooo, any news to the “project” are there still people working on it?

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