Regional Server Transfers

When will this be available again? I’m currently on US West and need to move to US EAST Eden server. I’m unable to change from West to East. I currently live in VA and I’m dealing with high latency issues through Verizon Fios. Thank you for your time.

Hello @axus7 welcome to the forums!

Unfortunately as of now we don’t have any official resource or news regarding your request.

Currently transfers between regions are not an option.

If you’d like to help us speed up this process you can go ahead and add your information over here:

You can check over here further details regarding the transfers as well:

Hope the information help!

COuld we look into an update?
I mean its been alot of days maybe even a few weeks since committing to deliver on the region transfer.
So a small update would be very nice.
I am sure we are many ppl by now waiting in anxiety that there will be a turn around yet again.

~Best Regards

I’m pretty much done with New World until I hear that region transfers are available. I’ve been playing with 1 friend because we were tricked into believing we’d be able to transfer to a server where literally a guild of 40+ Of my friends are playing together, I’m 60, I’ve almost maxed trade skills, I’ve got decently high watermark… now I’m bored. I did all of this either solo or with 1 person and it’s miserable.

Same for me. Havent touched the game for about a week now. The endgame in this game is PVP (except you like grinding hours on end). However I’m 6 hours ahead of my server and I’m not doing wars at 3am my time… or any other guild activity for that matter.

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