Regret making 200 Arcana my first goal

Hope a developer sees this, so they can shed light on the issue at hand.

The ‘Fire Crystal Core’ that I’ve been asking the support team many times today has to not be in the game. A minimum of 18.7% luck is what I was told is required to reach the item on the drop table. I was told to farm humanoid creatures in Ebonscale and/or to farm level 45+ creatures from corrupted breaches and nope. Throughout an entire day, I have not seen a singular ‘Fire Crystal Core’.

Normally, I wouldn’t be upset about this, however, I looked further into it and apparently not a single soul has provided proof of obtaining this item as a drop.

Not only has Amazon’s developers wasted players’ time getting 200 arcana, but on top of that, we have wasted hours farming for something that just might not be in the game at all.

Can a developer please, for the love of New World, give the truth on ‘Fire Crystal Core’ and ‘Ice Crystal Core’?




Rly this is messed up

I’d also like to get confirmation. I got the Petrified Fire artifact couple days ago and was working on the rest of my refining to make Meteor Trail but it also needs the Fire Crystal Core.

These items are not in the game. I believe this is on the Known Issues list already. Now, Arcana not being able to craft 600 gs is an issue with the craft and has not received a response yet as to why.


i have created multiple threads about this and no one has replied so i’m guessing they either don’t know or don’t want to address more stuff they have to fix.

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I feel like this is something they shouldn’t just ignore. At least if they tell us the truth, some players may get angry but also there will be people that respect them for being honest. I would much rather they are honest and I can spend my time doing something else, instead of farming an item that may not be in the game at all.

It’s almost like AGS didn’t expect people to hit that high on the crafting side that quickly, and just now realised that they might have mucked up on that part.

They should have expected this, as someone in Alpha achieved 200 in all skills (twice) and that achievement was certainly known. And this was just by a solo player - not a streamer having mats fed to him/her.

So yes, it should have been expected that many ppl would have 200 arcana by this point.

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Like with the entire end game content of the game, if we’re honest. It’s not just this, a lot of endgame things are

a) not existing
b) not working at all (see disabled things)
c) not working as intended (see list of bugs)

Week 1 with these issues: ok.
Week 2 with these issues: ok, could you please look into?
Week 3: inexcusable

We’re starting week 5 now and nothing‘s to be seen in that regard.

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I think AGS is not doing a good job on conveying what they’re working on. They’re too busy with their work, and not good enough on communications. They’ve acknowledge this as well, though not done too much about it as far as I’ve seen.

I think players would be more lenient towards AGS, if they had written a couple of blog posts a week, sort of a developer’s diary. “This week in New world” per example, just a heads up on what they’ve worked on, struggles they’ve encountered and those sort of things. I think that in the heat of things, they’ve sort of forgotten the players.


Just found a new post on Reddit about bugs regarding crafting:

Crafting Side:

• ⁠Weaponsmith Pants are unobtainable therefore crafting 600gs GA/Swords etc is not possible.
• ⁠Greataxe Charms for weapon perks are not indexed on trading post therefore unable to be bought.
• ⁠There is no Crafting Mod for Refreshing Toast on Earrings (Potion CD%) which is most important to me.
• ⁠Crafting Mod for Resilient Perk (Chunk of Consecrated Iron) is not in the game therefore Armorcrafting is not viable.
• ⁠Max GS for Magic Weapon crafting is 585.

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There is a 499 gs legendary earring that has refreshing toast on it. Very easy to get from a mob in Edengrove - not 600 gs, but I’m still using it.


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I’m 100% sure that legendary mats like “Fire Crystal Core” are not obtainable at the moment and that goes for every! Legendary Weapon right now. I got like every legendary artifact in the game some even twice and even with really bad rng i would have get 1 at least of those weapon legendary mats like the crystal core etc. (wrapping, bow string for example.) I soak up every Information about the game and i would def know if some1 dropped one of those. No need for AGS to confirm it. Even NWDB says it not obtainable.

Still keep in mind that most 600 Legendaries are not the BIS items for most. 600 GS well crafted weapons and armor can be much better with perfect stats / perks but insanely harder to get. Every1 who played Path of Exile knows the struggel to get this one item with perfect stats.

Bumpimg this as well, until arcana gets in known issues list.

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They know about it and said they’ll look into it. Lord knows what thay means. One dev replied on the feedback post about this.
I doubt it will be any time soon.

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They said they had a fix in testing, but it wasn’t in the last patch … so guessing still in testing, or it failed testing and is back in dev hands still waiting to be fixed.