Reimbursement for taxes and fees


With the notice for down time, it was clear territories would be rolled back and gold issued to offser cost. However, there was no mention of personal compensations going out to players.

Will we be getting reimbursed for all the lost time and gold put ibto the trading post? Will we see rollbacks and/or reimbursement for property taxes?

One can only assume they were left out of the discussion because they were not in a planned release at his point.



I’m interested in this. I spent an hour or so posting (mostly 3-Day) listings in the AH just a few hours before it was shut down.

This was a probably close to a thousand gold in fees. I’d prefer not to lose that to listings that will expire for something out of my control and foresight.

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@Kay is there any update on this aspect?

As far as I know that’s not offered at this time. I’ll pass along the sentiment and suggestion to the team that manages this.


I think everyone would really like to see this as a good faith effort on ags part. you are addressing the .0003 percent with the make good when really your entire player base has been negatively affected. Servers that didn’t even have a problem with this doop were shut down. we all lost gold on this. we all had game play negatively affected. not just the elite few who happen to own towns. it’s leaving a bitter taste for many of us to be ignored in this fashion over the people who are taking money from us in the first place.

I don’t even see why anyone is earning gold from the taxes, shouldn’t that be a tax sink that is only used to better the town or towns directly instead of making an individual very very wealthy?


If this happens in the future, instead of offering rebates time should just freeze for AH as well. If someone posts for 3 days, it should be 3 days of operation. If the clock can be stopped and then started when items are able to be bought/sold again then no one loses anything.


Well would be a start to finally get reimbursed from the LAST time where it was indeed promised.

If you shut down the economy why can you not add like 72 hours to all existing listings? I mean can not be that hard since every transaction is tracked anyway and this would get you out of the hole you dig yourself into all the time where players ask for reimbursement because they lost gold cause of actions you did on purpose (not saying it was not justified but it was your decision.)


uhhh, then what the h e double hockey sticks is the ambiguous "make good"that was promised last time? This needs to be addressed, it’s b.s. I’m guessing it takes some time and effort to do this and the team was hoping they wouldn’t have to shut the ah down again and that we’d all forget about said empty promise. But…here we are. And I’m not going to continue to piss away my gold as a result of the game’s screwups. We begged to just stop the damn auctions last time…but noooooope, met with silence

If you turn off the economy you should turn off all of it. There should be a freeze on everything and all coin costing services should just be free while the trading post is down. Because that didn’t happen, companies and players should be compensated. I literally have no hope for that to happen because new world seems to not care if they inconvenience anyone.


I second this. Casual playerbase is losing gold to fees, taxes and lost TP listings. If AGS would compensate for everyone - casual players would certainly be happy and cheaters wouldn’t notice it anyway.

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Without much exaggeration, my best-guess math estimates that I lost around 4000 gold because of expired sell orders and buy orders that I had to cancel, losing all of the fees that I originally paid for the items to be listed. It’s beyond discouraging and frustrating. There were SO many different ways this furniture issue could have been handled. Turning off trading for just furniture items could have been a solution that only affected a select few. I know AGS can affect the trading of specific items because I’m forced to relog for 5 minutes any time I craft a piece of voidbent gear for someone in my company. This had to be some sort of problem caused by the voidbent duping solution.

Personally lost around 2000 in fees this time around. 3-4000 the first disable.

Super fun times yes.

100% Agree with this as a casual pve non-pvp player.

On top of the loss in fees and taxes we also are likely to get a lower overall sale price for our goods when the TP comes back online. This will be because everyone that has been sat farming unable to list and sell floods the markets with goods. So we all face some loss regarding this as well.

You cant say, well at least things you buy will be cheaper if we dont usually buy anything…

The last make good is also yet to be implimented, I hope they dont turn into Blizzard as they always false promised fan base. Some sort of remedy will be a defining factor of whether I will continue to play or not long term.

The game is a great game and even with the hiccups atm they have done a good job! Just please dont mislead your community :slight_smile:

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Thank you for acknowledging this request. Housing functionality (decorations, changing trophies) is disabled, but taxes are due. We’re spending our time and resources as a consequence of QA (assuming that exists) not catching exploitable bugs before release.

There’s an uncanny level of ill will and loss of trust for not suspending taxes or reimbursing for the loss for things that are not our fault.


Its not even a suggestion at this point, we expect you to reimburse us…I truly hope you can see how bad it looks if you dont and how people will react to it. More or less you are just taking a massive shit on everyone if you don’t respect peoples time and their lost money due to amazons own incompetence. This entire shitshow isn’t our fault, its your fault. So ye this shouldnt be a “suggestion” passed on, make goddamn sure they reimburse us.


Some people duped and because we do not have proper fixes we just make the honest people suffer through it until the next dupe where we disable something else…


I mean its nice that you give the big companies a reimbursement for the inconvenience but please dont forget about the small indiviuals that lost a lot of money the last time during the trading post downtime and this time again aswell.


Very concerned this was not offered in the past, let alone NOW with how struggling it is to get gold at 60! Don’t B/S us with dupe figures & the same people who are on at the same time & can get into limited slots for events. That is not the rest of the player base!
Tell your team to pull finger & start caring about the game, THINK, hell even play it & realize how wrong they are all the damm time!
Enough is Enough, Its beyond ridiculous, you has a beta, ignored feedback & bugs & they all were there at release, Even 2 of the dupes!.
No excuses. Show more respect for your players & do the right thing! Well what is left of them, Our server is damm near dead & Zero outpost rush, towns cant even pay taxes. Good JOB killing the game, DO NOT KEEP IT UP!

First off, thank you for your hard work. What you do means a lot to us even if we’re upset. Since you’re a professional, I hope you understand this feedback is more about your bosses than you.

Sentiment is for the first time. I’m going to be a bit rude here, but it isn’t towards you specifically. What you said represents a tone I haven’t had affirmation of before, but now I do.

AGS has continued dunking us over and over again into shut downs and treated players as expendable tokens, that’s torture. It’s up to us to decide if we’re being water boarded or water wheeled, but based on your response it doesn’t matter because no one cared to begin with. Yes you’re shutting down for the best reasons, but while you’re playing damage control we’d appreciate someone taking a few seconds to kick our bodies even if your can’t be bothered to check for a pulse.

I personally don’t care about lost gold, but your response makes me think that players mean little to the people who make decisions. That I do care about given the toxic, manipulative rhetoric I’ve seen over the last fifteen years I’ve worked in customer service.

Forum Moderators and Devs aren’t equipped to handle the failures of your higher ups, and it’s a shame you continue to handle some confrontations you have no control in other than telling people sucks to suck for now, but we’ll see about it.

So pass on this message instead.

60 man Fantasy Companies may win wars, but all of us win paychecks for your very real company.


it would just make sense that ya know… the innocent players who werent cheating and who did nothing wrong get reimbursed for all the money they lost. I mean, just seems logical to me that people who put in hours upon hours to earn money, grinding away, who then lost the ability to earn money from their sales, AND lose money to expired sale orders because of wealth transfer shutdowns be compensated for such losses. In real life if a bank just decided to shut down all withdrawals and deposits for days, because of a hack. They would be responsible for any lost money that shut down caused. Right? seems logical… right?

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