Remember the Christmas event?

It was well thought out, it had mechanics and a quest line. I enjoyed it.

But everyone incessantly complained, “glad to see this is what AGS works on instead of fixing the game.”

Now look, “this event sucks, AGS can’t even do an event right.”

This community sucks. Lol.


Gamers :sob::+1:


This is why al MMO are going to get less and less players.

It’s so Easy to complain about something.

They call NewWorld too Grindy and play LostArk, a game where you need to do the same content every day with multiple characters.

AGS is doing a GREAT job with NewWorld, removing frictions, reducing cost of azoth, getting orbs from vendors and much more.

I think that this event is not a super great addiction to the game like the Winter one, but who gives a Sh*t about Easter anyway?

Keep up the great job, reducing frictions, smashing bugs and expecially bug abusers, bann bots and get the new real content ready properly!!!

The roadmap looks great to me, PVP rewards are getting me super exited about the new arena pvp 3v3 and finally the fact that Scott on last Dev update (march 2022) briefly mentioned the cross server party finder for dungeon and pvp content makes me WET.

The game is getting better and better and whoever is not Agreeding with this is just simply wrong. No space for other opinions.

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Forums are the worst. The steam forums are pretty bad for this game. There is one poster who apparently was banned 2 days into the game and has spent every day since bashing this game.

Sure that is an extreme and rather embarrassing example of todays gamers but some people are desperste for attention and inclusion so they bash games on forums for likes and upvotes.

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Yes I remember the Christmas event. What was so great about it? The quest line took you all over the world to kill a mob here and a mob there and the main attraction was what? GS 520 weps with luck on them that don’t work on chest runs and would never be used in combat making them completely useless? The food ended up being the surprised bargain of the event and in order to get that you would have to run around roads constantly picking up presents.

I’d rather have a chance at a (hopefully) once-in-a-lifetime rare chest. I can pursue this chest anywhere in the world by myself at any time that I want while also picking up some minor rewards along the way. Is it a groundbreaking incredible event? Of course not. Was the Christmas event? I’d rather participate in this one.

the people comparing the two are dumb. why would they spend the same ammount of time on a less than popular holiday. they did the same with thanksgiving. theyre probably going to go all out with just Halloween and winter again. like every other mmo.

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