Remember the survey?

I think the housing tax and travel cost changes might be a reaction to the survey results. I would assume this popped up a lot in the feedback they received through the survey (which would have caught a far wider part of the actual game owners than just the forums).

But I also believe these tweaks are a taste of wider changes to come. They have to be. They are the start, there will be a ripple effect, or I think at least, creating the need and opportunity to look at current mechanics and come up with new ideas. What the direction will be? I’d not dare call that, but it does look like the game is beginning to seriously move now, and while it will be a slow process, bit by bit it will transform, hopefully into a game more players will find enjoyable, pve and pvp wise, and with more horizontal content as well.

At least that’s the hope, but I think the changes to travel and housing tax might be the first light of a new dawn.


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