Remember when GA was nuts and bruisers had mobility? Call me crazy, but OPR was a lot more fun

Because you had about 70% melee on OPR playing for objetictives and some rangeds. Was ranged underpowered? I think so, but the good ones still made a lot of difference and we didnt see those 70% ranged teams on OPR with stale matches. Also your HP didnt use to go 100-0 in 3s because you were in open field for a moment.


i keep saying this! it was annoying when everyone was throwing gravs but compared to now it was so much better


What you talking about here?! I play bruiser and still roam freely and stack bodies in OPR

Its not bow problem , ots opr scoring system


100p yo no one disagrees

Even not scoring, but players who abuse 1 weapon what leads to situations where your team cant do anything because there is nobody to push enemy, in add. 80% of bow players dont even aim they just do pew pew hit random targets, their build might have sense if they at least focus healers, assasins, muskets( if they are in range), but no they shot to heavy bruiser with pocket healer. Secondly Cross server, team making will not solve any problem until they will not add MMR system, Only MMR system prevents from being matched with „I dont care players”, afkers.

Part of the reason why you are seeing way more ranged than before is for the exact reason you’ve alluded to yourself, people who may have previously preferred to play range avoided it because it was dogsh*t, now that it’s a viable PvP instrument people who generally enjoyed playing range are doing so…

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If you can do higher damage with no risk from distance, than as melee who takes the highest risk + you dont care about team comp, lack of healers, no trouble with 3k points for max reward … let’s guess what players will choose xd


Sure, that may very well be the result… doesn’t change the fact people avoided playing range because it was dogsh*t on launch and were forced to become bruser1078, now that range has potential they’ve returned to their preferred play style.

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I do disagree. We had 80% melee teams, ranged was extremely underpowered and had no fun in OPR.

Now 70% play ranged but not because ranged is actually better (wars are still 80% melee).
Ranged is played because it is not possible to play anything else as a solo player (ok you can play assassin).
There is so much CC that you simply can not go into melee range. Mage is dead because they are mid range and can not escape anymore. So the farther away from melees you are the more you can actually play (instead of lying on the ground incapacitated).

Thats why everyone plays ranged now. Apart from premades, which then win the OPR.

So: there is that many ranged players, because Melee is oppressively overpowered. When paired with healers and debuffers.

Want to win: go make a team, with melees and healers.
As solo player: go ranged.
Most play solo…so that is where we are.

Nerf range and mage even more? OPR and the game will die.


Nah people are playing bow because it pads score like no other build.

They wanna get their 3k score as fast as possible and don’t care about objectives.

If the scoring system was fixed and all the pew pew players didn’t get ridiculous points for dmg dealt then the gameplay would be loads better.

People complain about bow but on reality it is the least effective weapon in opr.

Teams with the most bows generally lose.

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You supose to get point standing on point even if it captured

That is all true but people would still play bow, even if you cut their points in half.
Because as a solo player you simply can not play a bruiser on the point. Apart from the rare cases where a random heals you.

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With proper balanced team melees are no longer such oppresive. But yes if u play solo and you cant ask for help or heal, cleanse it is a chore to play as bruiser, if you are not skilled and experinced enough.

i complain about bow for this reason.