Remember when Prime Gaming rewards were kinda good?

I noticed a very steady decline in the Prime Gaming rewards. There was a time when you would get a mixture of Emotes, Cosmetics and even Tokens now and then. Now it is just the same basic things over and over again.

Is this in by design in preparation for the new rewards update where you basically just setting the Prime Game on autopilot where it is the same crafting and such items and just mixing up what type of furniture that you will offer…

You need to give Prime Gaming rewards for love also and bring it back to something closer to what it was once before because to be honest the way it is right now it is borderline not worth it.

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That is what happens when p2w or pay for convenience occurs.

They could just make the store more attractive. But they realised no one was going to buy skins and they werent going to do skins worth the money.

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