Remember When We Cried About GA Lunge?

I’m too old to understand, someone told me “no cap” during an OPR match and I totally misunderstood them. :person_shrugging: :rofl:

I was like “bro I’ve been capping points all game!” And he just laughed at me.

Lmao… I am 43 so not that young myself, but I do spend a lot of time on the internet and have teenagers.

No kids yet, only 38, but yeah, I still don’t know what it means!

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Oh hey an old video I made. Am I famoose?

To be fair, while the greatsword is completely overtuned in this regard, the GAX is utter garbage compared to every melee weapon in terms of its lunge. I cant be bothered making another video…but GAX has the worst lunge in the game now it needs to be brought back in line to be fair.

But yes, greatsword tracking is an outright meme. Nerf it. Or buffer other weapons.

Remember when the combat had fun little quarks like this New World | Void Gauntlet Fun TURBO Trick/Movement Interaction Guide! | Amenti-EU - YouTube
It consumed 2 cooldown abilities and if your timing was off you just stood there like a dum dum. People screamed exploit instead of saying, hey i want something like that for my weapon. Well done guys you really made the game a better place.

Disagree, it is just as busted. GS gets a free root removal + snare + root + empower in one ability (that also moves you forward like charge). The mobility / lunge on GS is worse than GA was. Being able to heavy attack for 4-5k dmg in the same time it takes to light attack is a pretty big joke.

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Can you show some videos of great sword killing 30+ people in 3 keystrokes? How about just 5 people?

Shoot. We don’t even need to talk in past tense. GA is currently better than GS at just about everything in this game except for spamming heavies into dumb AI.

It’s not free it requires a perk on weapon or armor.

They also play heavy, why is why they nerfed light armor over and over. They can’t run down a light user in heavy.

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because that is so hard to get


Get gud?

…I got nothin

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I didn’t say it was, I just said it’s not free. I find it important to not embellish when we are discussing balance.

this. people were feeling good since melee weapons couldnt hit them now they are mad there is a weapon that actually hits.


Yeah this is what people refuse to engage with.

Why is great axe meta if GS is so broken?

Oh right.

GS loses damage and mobility for grit, ga doesnt build dex and its main stat is str so it isnt affected.

GS also has limited to no CC. Staggers can be dodged out of before the follow up and the root is conditional. Steadfast is the only stagger that guarantees follow up. Compared to grav well.

GS does less aoe damage. Grav and maelstrom beat everything other than a full crosscut (which you probably need a grav to land anyway).

Finally - because non grit melee dont have a real spot in war.

Its pretty unanimous that GA/WH is still the best overall melee. Its just that ranged is used to that build being free. GS isnt


And you using your ability to free yourself from a root instead of do damage.

Nothing is free about using an ability. Is berserk free root removal too? Last i checked it had a cooldown lol.

The more ive folliwed the GS complaints the more ive realized there are a lot of bad players refusing to learn a thing about it or alter their play at all when they fight it.

GS has some of the weakest CC in the game and you can avoid every big hit and out trade them if you play a bulkier build.

Unfortunately NW is about farming OPR scoreboards in light armor, 5 con, with a mortal empowerment ring on so that is totally impossible.

They can literally keep you in a chain walk animation and can out lunge a light dodge. Sorry what?

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I wouldnt consider that CC. That is a slow.

Every single melee weapon in the game can chain slow you under that definition.

If this is a greatsword topic its fair to assume we are talking about greatsword specific skills.

cause they didnt learn from ga/gh - let that plague the game for months. then bring out GS and take it a step further.

its amazing combat lasts all of 1.5s and some cheese bread rugby guy stuffing pretzels in his face left clicking to win … yelling “get gud” with his mouthful

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Youre speaking like its past tense.

GA/WH is still the most powerful melee. Look at any high end war roster and compare which builds get slotted. GS just does not have the tools (full grit, damage reduction) that full str has.

Spec 300 str? Yeah youre better off with the axe.

People are just used to GA/WH now. The lunge didnt do anything to its place in the meta.

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I roll twice in light, a dumbass GS user presses left click once and closes the gap. Seems intended.