Reminder for Amazon: It's better to ban more players for potential duping than a smaller amount because you aren't 100% sure

Check the following:

  1. Any companies with large amounts of gold that have received recent large quantities of gold.
  2. Any accounts that have been trading gold without many or any items involved.
  3. Maybe check to see if people’s gold actually changed after trading gold via database (if possible) and ban everyone’s who didn’t. You can do this with item amounts too.
  4. Any accounts that have a stupid large amount of items, such as Azoth Vials or end game materials.
  5. Any new or empty accounts with items / gold that people are using as mules.

Literally just ban everyone with an even 1% chance of being involved at this point. If they were actually innocent, they won’t mind sending a support ticket and having someone look in to it. Only bad thing is more clickbait for youtubers trying to kill the game.

Honestly or even wipe, would rather everyone be on a level playing field if people aren’t gonna get banned.


I’m pretty sure you would just lose a good junk of innocent player that are already “on the edge” with all the mess and would rather go “F it” and find a better game instead…


I’m pretty sure the innocent players would appreciate it if anything. If they’re getting banned, it means the people who actually duped for sure are.

The innocent ones can easily just send a support ticket.

to be fair, a lot of people have already reached that point and have abandoned the game.

Full disagreement here. I’m on the side of the fence that believes it’s better to let the cheaters run than ban any innocent players.

You can always just stop playing with some one who is cheating and the devs will hone in on the cheaters as time goes on.

If I get banned in a sweeping ban that affects more than cheaters, I won’t ever log in again.


It’s an MMO, 1 cheater can ruin the entire server. There’s probably people sitting on like 20 million gold. Imagine if that person didn’t get banned, he’d have access to everything ever listed on the auction house for 2+ years.

Why risk it?

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it’s a lot of work but you can get a 99.99% accurate list.
If i don’t see a number of bans happening im straight up uninstalling, i don’t care.
Im 50-50% to uninstall tonight regardless.


Same, only reason I’m gonna stop playing is if people aren’t banned. I don’t even care if I get banned, just deal with them.

I think you’re thinking of a situation you’d do a 3-7 day temp ban, using auto detect, with 30+ day & permanent bans for the obvious exploiters.

Something like this would make more sense. Flag accounts that are suspicious, give them a temp ban, and then review from there.

I just don’t understand how AGS wouldn’t have the resources to see the amount of gold traded/items duplicated on a single account. Surely they have logs of these things and can even see where everything has been muled to.

A full server wipe isn’t needed and would only hurt the playerbase in the long run. The fact that a lot of people are just jumping to this conclusion is mind boggling. Some of you seriously need to take a step back and calm down. This game is far from ruined.

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If I was a normal player that accidently got hit with a ban when I was actually innocent, I’d appreciate they’re attempting to fix the issue than just letting people get away with it. It’s basically proof they’re dealing with the situation.

Personally, I don’t want to be playing with people who have 20 million gold saved up. Sorry.


I don’t know much about this stuff, but shouldn’t it be possible to find those people with insane obvious amounts of duped stuff, I mean the difference should be pretty obvious and if it’s not they hardly duped and it’s not even worth it.

Yeah, ridiculously easy. Just gotta hope Amazon does something about it. I’m sure they will but they need to make sure they go the extra mile.

Something to keep in mind while arguing on the forums. All players in game know Amazon is honing in on the exploiters now that all trading has been restricted. Expect to see a LOT of exploiters in the forums fighting against bans and for server wipes, so they can start over with everyone else on a level playing field instead of starting again behind everyone. The reason they do this shit is to get ahead, starting over alone is the worst punishment they could get.


With each passing day of nothing being done, and zero communication from the team – chances are becoming pretty low that anything worthwhile will be done at all.

I hope to be proven wrong, but I’m afraid they don’t even realize yet that they’ve already killed this game.

There have been so many poor choices made from the leadership of this game, it’s remarkable. I don’t remember the last time a game did so poorly, so quickly after launch.

And it’s all leadership decisions. The artists did great.

It’s an MMO launch, I mean all of this is what normally happens. There were dupes in ESO for example that people took WAY more advantage of and were actually fixed slower. Game is doing fine now.

It’s like people have suddenly forgotten how MMO launches go. I don’t know if it’s because of all of the videos youtubers are making just speaking shit about the game or what, but this is completely normal for a launch. This was actually a better launch than most games lol

MMOs are VERY large projects, there is always going to be some issues at launch. Don’t start with that “Client Authoritive” shit either, every MMO is like that cus they have to be. There are usually just a lot of sanity checks server side.


If they ban innocent players, that’ll deter people from playing. Oh I put in a lot of effort, why should I continue if I may get randomly banned for nothing. And then new players, why should I get invested into a mmo that has a record of banning innocent players. There’s a reason the main game companies are more cautious in their actions. Even then false positives happen, but hitting legit players is a big nono.

Why would anyone risk putting in 300+ hours for it to go poof? Sure, I appreciate they are also hitting cheaters. But cheaters can’t affect my game and aren’t a problem if I can’t even play. More than that, directly have my time/effort wasted.

You say you’d be fine with it due to how small of a chance you’d get banned. But if it actually happened to you, pretty confident you wouldn’t be happy and may not want to buy the game again, start fresh losing all progress, just to risk being false banned again.


I would just contact support, give them time to look in to it and be unbanned again?

Like there’s no problem at all.

I do hope you never get selected for jury service.

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