Reminder for Amazon: It's better to ban more players for potential duping than a smaller amount because you aren't 100% sure

innocent players with this much amassed materials surely have hundreds of hours already and their Steam profile will clearly prove that they gained everything themselves. Sadly this process will be manual

Comparing Jail (life changing) to a temporary game ban btw.

for YOU, just stop thinking your train of thought is everyone’s or should be …

don’t start, please, servers are packed

not enough, I’m still in queue!!

Most delusional statement I’ve read on this forum so far lmao

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ok duper :slight_smile:

I don’t even have the game installed, would be hard for me to dupe anything.

And before you go and ask me “why are you on forum then” the answer is that I pray for a miracle patch which will fix everything this week before I leave for good but i also know this the chance of this is 0,0001%

that’s what a duper would say

I like your idea, but i think this would push a LOT of people over the edge, who are actually thinking about quitting because the quality of the game.

So i am not sure if that’s a smart solution to be honest. But it is something they should think about.

just throwing this out there, i can bet they do have mathmeticians that calculates how much coin you can earn per hour level character level per profession level that is mathematically possible, then they run a coin scan of account s that has an impossible amount of coin in their banks, then they investigate how they got the coin. If they see they traded with a coin seller, you are banned, if they see you took part of the exploit, they roll you back. That’s why if there’s an exploit in any game, to steer clear of that exploit, you’ll only hurt yourself

I’m no bible thumper but this reminds me of a story where two women are in a dispute over a stolen child. The thief (kidnapper?) would rather have had the child killed than be returned to its mother and the mother would rather the thief keep the child than the child be killed.

I don’t think that story applies here just sharing a thought :laughing:

What a stupid suggestion really… You should go outside and inhale some fresh air buddy… Luckily nobody will listen to dumb shit like this

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They can see who performed the dupe pretty easily, but idk if they will look in to it past that. :frowning:

It is never better to ban innocent players then risk having 1 or two exploiters run free. No game developer will ever agree with this point. You NEVER want to screw over your legit loyal customers.

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Here you go.

what makes you think they’re innocent?

Indeed. Let them squirm.

Hm, I disagree. I’d imagine there’d be quite the uproar over false bans.

This is my uneducated opinion, though

WTF did I just read?

Ban anyone/everyone just because “I suspect anyone/everyone is a gold duper” ??


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what a fkn moron