Reminder for Amazon: It's better to ban more players for potential duping than a smaller amount because you aren't 100% sure

they’re doing it… I was permanently banned after my internet got laggy … I never used a single exploit. I hope it will be removed soon because I was eager to play, I am low lvl. I use my cellular network because I live in the mountains and have a cellular antenna + modem. But it’s quite unstable and I’m often disconnected but it’s better than nothing. Especially since I don’t have a queue in my server.

I’m not saying this is the intention of this poster by a long shot. I don’t anything about them.

It does make me wonder if there are people who maybe didn’t/aren’t getting exactly what they want out of this (or any) game or other application, and rather than just walking away and saying “this is not for me, I’ll find something for me”, they find ways to try to burn it all down before they leave. Whether taking advantage of bugs for the sole purpose of hoping wider nets are cast to rope innocents into being demolished, or just generally sewing discord.

Again, please, not directed at this poster! The post just made me think of whether this is true or not, how much it might be true, if it’s even quantifiable (probably not), in this or any other game or application (maybe Google Sheets led you estray so you hang around StackOverflow forums sewing discord).

“Your Mad King says…PONDER.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Absolutely not. Monstrous suggestion. You can’t blanket ban and risk banning innocent players who did absolutely nothing wrong.

You could Earn gold cap x4 times by crafting for 10min if only you crafted good enough gear which is purely based on luck.

If I got banned because they made a mistake not only would I not appreciate it I would not continue to play.

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Server is packed* fixed that for you, only 1 NA server gets over 1500 players lol. NA West ,everything other than El Dorado and Camelot, are under 600 peak.

“Ban them all, let Mod sort them out!”


Prediction: What’s actually going to happen is that AGS will ban accounts demonstrating clear evidence of having violated the Amazon Games Terms of Use and, like any respectable business, will take care to avoid banning any account improperly and make things right if they make mistakes.

Not sorry to disappoint anyone looking to harm innocent players, and may that disappointment never diminish.

It’s the game’s fault for causing the exploit, and players shouldn’t be be banned, but the majority wanted a ban, so there you have it the Bans.

What is wrong with you? Guilty until proven innocent? You have a swastika tattooed right on your neck don’t ya?

Important to remember that the video game business is all about having a loyal player base. Look at GTA V, the most financially successful video game of all time. Why hasn’t GTA 6 come out yet? Because its really difficult to figure out how to get millions of players to move to a new platform. The new game = possibility of losing their player base, so it has to be perfect.

With that in mind, Amazon shouldn’t (and likely won’t) do a broad ban that includes innocent players. This would risk losing their player base, which is already dwindling. Much more likely that its a limited ban that targets egregious violators. Also, I’d reckon the number of players that will quit due to some limited item duping is far less than the number that would quit if they got banned for no reason (me falling in the latter group).

sure this isn’t the most delusional statement you’ve ever heard, clown

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