Removal of Legendary Shields

What was the logic and/or reasoning behind this move when we have legendary (everything else) currently?

Just curious due to I can’t seem to find an “official” posting on this.

Thank you.

Because Tanks need a nerf.

They shoudl remove all legendary shields from game or allow us to craft them again. The way it is today isn’t fair.

The above part seems like a great idea (first part was already done in regards to removing from games for drops) but I just wanted to know what the “real” logic was for them removing all legendary shields from the game. Seems unbalancing for the people that already have them. IE – People that don’t have no way to get one now?

If they do that they better be depositing gold cap into the account of everyone who has a legendary shield they did massive amounts of crafts to get. If this was a mistake or a bug they should of put a nixx to it the very first day they introduced stop watches. Coming back now months later and removing it is just an absolute poor decision on AGS part. Someone on their team needs to be fired over this. You don’t add a feature to a game that players spend thousands of gold on thinking its intended, leave it for months then just remove it.


Thank god they removed legendary shields. All those heavy armor beast-ward tower shield players where OP in arenas and OPR!!!


Lmao :slight_smile:

Tanks don’t even get points for tanking in OPR/Wars. I think they hate tanks

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Pretty sure the entire dev team is ooga booga running GS. I mean… not a single bad stat GS to drop… no GS with Int or Foc anywhere. Yet we have every other weapon in some form with bad stats (LS with dex, FS with str, etc).

As a best guess is because you get 5 perks instead of 6 against every other weapon who gets 3 :slight_smile:

Good one lmao

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