Remove auto target option for heal

As a healer i wish auto target player for heal (gameplay option) would be remove from the game and the two skill that realy need it would be rework.

I do not play with this option, as i like to put my sacred ground where i want it to be.

In some case auto target allow you to heal player where it should not be possible.
The strongest exemple for this is the 1 boss of genèse (french) expedition.
When this boss do his root jail if the healer is outside of it, he is able to heal the one who is inside when auto target is activated.
But me, as i do not use this, i can’t realy heal the one inside.
It is an unfair adventage for the one who do not want to play with this option.

If you chose to keep it why fire/ice mage do not have auto target, it could also be apply for arrow rain for archer.


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