Remove been able to get re-stunned

This mechanic make weapons insainly OP, super easy to play and spammable, WHY WOULD ANYONE PLAY ANYTHING ELSE ON A WAR OR OPR than warhammer/axe when you can yolo in keep 5 players pinned down below you while dealing 2k dmg x skill, it’s stupid to allow a player who has been stunned to be re-stunned, it would be fine if the skills weren’t dealing dmg but when they do you can’t allow a player to press 3 keys that are aoe dmg that deal 2k dmg +aoe cc, it’s super easy to play, the skill gap is minimum it requires no reflexes whatsoever, literally the skill is shown by the player on the other end trying to dodge 5 cc skills with 3/4 dodges, then you’ve the bow/spear users which if you get in mele range will use the kick skill drop you to the grown get distance shot you with the explosive arrow, again massive CC spam with damage, that ends up in you pinned to the ground.

Stuns should work like this, you can get staggered stunned slowed at the same time that’s fine, but if someone stuns you and tryes to stun you again you’ll only recieve dmg and you’ll move out of the stun, that would increase the skill requirements to play dps/aoe cc builds as it would require a good timing of skills but right now it’s the easier thing to play because it’s uga bunga press 3 keys kill enemy EZ and the best, a combination that should never happen in any game or it ends up as it’s now. 20 warhammer/axe users 20 bow/musket/rapier/spear 2 healers 1 dumb player with greatsword/hachet who will eat 1 cc and disappear off the earth.

Balance the PVP fck new maps just balanced the weapons and the mechanics,

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Thanks so much for the input @Thexppkiller I will pass this suggestion along to the team.

Wasn’t expecting this but thanks, I really think it will make the pvp more skilled based, One last thing would be a suggestion to move the grit from 300 strength to a con perk, and to make the hachet immortality perk to have a delay of 3 seconds to avoid builds which consists on full dmg almost no con because they can instantlly swap and become immortal.

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