Remove Cleric's Walking Staff

Get. Rid. Of. This…

This item has been a source of pride for healers who have been lucky enough to get their hands on it. it has taken blood sweat and many tears to obtain over the past year. adding it in now craps on the people who have worked to craft it or grinded the crap out of tracks and dungeons in the hopes it would drop. It’s a milestone. A mark of completion when a healer finally gets their hands on this and now you are saying a big f*** you to those who have it and have been so excited to finally have a source of pride as a healer. There is no reason for you to just keep making BiS items free to earn and removing the reason to craft in this game. It took me 500+ rolls to craft this staff… and now you are making hours of crafting and thousands of mats just free to anyone who wants it… might as well just delete legacy player accounts if you are just going to make our efforts meaningless. This single item is what carried my drive to play this game for a good long while… the hopes that the next craft would be the one. The desire to log in and refine my mats to keep driving for the ultimate goal. I never thought I would consider leaving this game because of the release of 1 named item… thanks… you succeeded in making that happen.


Appreciate the feedback about this walking staff @Aryaelfkind

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Just because you got this for a lot of gold doesn’t mean you get to be salty about it…


How about the fact that gear costing 1 million gold+ to craft was never being a sustainable idea or something anyone should have been investing into.

I’m sorry you personally went to all the effort, but this PTR has seen a lot more gold burnt by bruisers 5+ million for a bis bruiser set that will be severely nerfed. I’ve spent hundreds of thousands on crafts for gear, I’ve bought 200k items that are worthless two days after because of a patch release.

Let people play with the gear they want and don’t gatekeep for the 1%. People will get the gear if they want it, but they shouldn’t need to remortgage a house or quit their job to get it. There should be more gear that is BIS available in PVE so people can actually play the game instead of focusing on this insanely sketchy gambling system.


Who cares. Let people have the gear. Selfish idea


LOL exactly. Healers gatekeeping healers im so dead :skull:


Lol no, this the only weapon they have BiS farmable for like every skill. It’s time for the Mending version (coming from someone who rolled one of these week 1 post weapon perk patch)


keep em coming AGS, if it’s relevant to pvp it should farmable or grindable and quick and fast to obtain especially if you want to change the meta often through seasonal balance changes.

you can’t ever transition to that if you are handcuffed to the idea of gear rarity and heavy RNG progression simply because that’s how you decided to launch the game, after initially not heading that way and being told not to make pvp gear grind oriented.

this was always the best way to make pvp fun and healthy, quick rapid acquisition followed by scheduled itemization shifts to create new and fresh metas and tactics to pvp.

don’t let MMO purists thwart your decisions by branding it some faus paux or heresy, you want to overhaul things gotta be willing to break things including hearts.


While I do think that named items should be reasonably good, I also think that removing aspirational content breeds a sort of pessimism in the game.

I think they need to offer different options for BIS LS aside from Blessed + RM + Skill Perk.


Gambling. You mean gambling lol.

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Excuse me for recommending that players play the game. xD

there have been like hundreds of players banned just trying to get this, now you releasing it? :sweat_smile:

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What’s the point of having a crafting system then?? Why have players dedicate time and energy into grinding when if you just wait you get it for free? Might as well just remove life staff shards and crafting recipes from the game now. No one is going to ever craft a staff again… this was the only one worth rolling for.

Regret is a heavy weight to bear, indeed. Maybe the description on the staff is wrong and time will do your regret some favors.

Seriously, though, top-of-the-line gear should be available to all. It is beyond silly to want to gatekeep gear that could potentially boost someone’s powerlevel / performance.

As a healer, I will probably pick up this staff, but I doubt I’ll use it much. 99% of the time, I do not even run Orb. However, I hope that all the healers who do run Orb and want this staff will get their hands on it soon! MORE AND BETTER GEAR TO ALL!


hmm never bothered me, when someone got something from a dungeon without the grind i had to go through.
Thought it was nice, they added material, so you can make stuff from dungeons. Instead of crappy rng, which made me do laz a billion times, for my will of the ancients back in the day and the laz bow way back when.


The crafting system and non-named loot luck system in New World is fundamentally flawed due to the sheer RNG and leads to territorial, gatekeeping, and toxic behavior.

As a crafter, I want players to have multiple, viable avenues to BIS - whether it be grinding coin to buy it, crafting it, or running through PvE content (sometime repeatedly… 100x times).

BIS is subject to change overtime with the player base, weapons, damage calculations, and perks. I don’t think that new PvE drops or combat balance changes should make people feel like they “lost” gold cap+ given the fact that BIS should be fluid. Right now, though, we are seeing that happen because of how inaccessible BIS is. While I do understand the frustration of seeing the perceived value/rarity decrease, I think that frustration would be significantly less if the item had only cost 20-100k to begin with.

I don’t think BIS should be outright free for all, but for those who have adequately “paid the price” (in either coin or time) should have something to show for it.

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So you are saying that couse you play your way to get LS others have to farm it to? Why you think each good item has to be farmed knowing that each season might shift whole meta?

No. If ppl will get great item by playin less its ok. If you are better player you will make more use of that item anyway.

Happy to see that staff more available. Do not change anything :slight_smile:


What on earth are you talking about? Did I miss something about crafting too many of something getting people banned? Or is this just a ‘whoosh’ moment for me? lol

Guess he means Rmt

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