Remove Cleric's Walking Staff

Why does healer get every BIS lifestaff in the game for free? It’s unfair to players that play different builds. Makes no sense to me.

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What is it that you consider bis on your build that you cannot get as a drop somewhere? If you want to complain about not getting fair treatment you really need to offer a bit more meat to your arguement.

Healers have very few options, all they have is a lifestaff (voidgauntlet is a weird hybrid thing so I don’t really count that but even then its not adding much). There are very few skills that actually heal or assist with healing. Those things together make it more likely for a ‘bis’ lifestaff to appear. Its just maths.

There are exactly zero named BIS weapons for pvp outside the lifestaff. Why? Cause you need attunement for BIS which can only be crafted (or get super super super lucky and get a BOP one dropped from a m10).

There was a couple named pve items that were BIS (two that come to mind are guardians resolve and bathequets cudgel).

The lifestaff has every variant of BIS available as a drop except RM/blessed/sacred ground. But most healers don’t want it because fortify from sacred ground drops off instantly when switching weapons. So with the mending protection staff, the lifestaff will have the full lineup of BIS for free as farmable drops.

I’m not really mad tbh, but why do healers get every BIS life staff dropped as named but others don’t? At the end of the day I don’t really care, but you can’t deny some special treatment here :slight_smile: .

I thought that was more that they are not sure what to do about attunement because it is so strong. Either that or they just forgot about it/the one who designed it left as appears to happen with their ideas from time to time.

Would also need a megaton of weapons added to be able to cover every weapon in every flavour.

Goes back to what I said about limited options and maths where lifestaffs are concerned.

This new Life Staff with this perk combination should not be available just by going to an expedition. It was rare and should be > same applies to the combination Blessed + Refreshing Move + Fortifying Sacred Ground (even if fortify gets changes)!

Some real BIS items should be rare. Make the following pattern obtainable again through events… in addition think to crafting - if you get just everything easily through expeditions… why crafting at all??? >>> Pattern: Nightveil Life Staff or Pattern: Nightveil Life Staff GS600

A lot of other (actually all) other players I know (incl. really good healers not owning such a Life Staff) agree that this new Life Staff should be changed to match Iridescence (Blessed + Refreshing Evasion + Mending Protection.

@Talon if would be great if you can remind the devs again to change this new Life Staff.

It shloud look like this at the end:


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man, just let people finally get items they will enjoy, don’t just gatekeep it because you think only no-life players should have best items


“Wahhh i spent 1m gold on this lifestaff no one else should get it” or “Wahhh i spent $200 on this lifestaff no one else should get it”

Which one are you?


dude ever since spirit pool life staff was announced it was obvious were named lifestaffs were heading you should of known it was coming you risked it and now here it is :slight_smile:

First they complain that RNG to get Biss is bad.
They give a cultivable biss to have it fast and that is also bad.
if they don’t give it, it’s bad. if they give it, it is bad.
Is this the most bipolar video game community?
the developers don’t know which direction to take in the game. but they know that the players know less. clearly.


This, let dungeons be relevant, you either farm it for shards or to sell, nothing else.

Let players ve some good drops from the highest levels.

Well… you can heal very good with the others Life Staffs, too. Staff of the Throne is a good example, it’s universal and very solid but not BIS reg. Heal.

Would you want everybody to just get BIS items thrown at them? Nothing to gind for, nothing to craft… not very nice at all.

If you are not able to heal with for example Staff of the Throne, Will of the Ancients or some similia Life Staff, stop healing! It’s not the BIS Life Staff that makes a good healer.

Such a BIS Life Staff should be a reward for passionate healers only dedicated to get even better.

BIS items are not ment for ever, devs can change anything on the build that would lead it to not be BiS.

So yea, let dungeon be relevant, makes it more interesting to doing it. If its just a dungeon reward, then change it to m10 drop if ppl cry about it being BiS.

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Every “BiS” should be added to the faction vendor !

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“i spent $100 on my crafted life staff wahh qq”

its amazing to see amazing weapons coming from expeditions, it should be like this for everything


Don’t listen to the OP, gear should be easier to get. We need ways to get good gear quicker. Having access to quicker good gear allows us to try different or new builds, it allows people to try roles they have never done before. Having more tanks and healers is always a good thing as anyone can play a dps role.

Gear makith a MMO…
I don’t even craft but it takes about 1 day in game running around killing bosses to realize Legendary actually means common and there’s little point to craft

This is what happens when you’re supposed to have the greatest MMO the world has seen then you deliver a busted 3 perk system copied from a 2005 game where everyone has the same crap that’s easy to get. That one died…now this one is. NW failed as a MMO the day it released. You can cater to noobs who just want everything now or you can listen to gamers and do things right. AGS chose to not have this game live.

It can be added to be achieved by very very hard conditions and as a reward… but ez M10 or M6 or in a regular expedition… as a spam drop like all the other good items these days??? No thats so far away from beeing a challenge… Will of the Ancients (or Lazarus Bow) were rare and hard to get at the beginning and it was good!!!

Get the Life Staff with Refreshing Evasion (still very good!!!) after completing M10 Gold 10x, craft it… all fine… Add the ability to “upgrade” that perk to Refreshing Move as a reward from beeing a top 5 healer in lets say arena/opr (without such a life staff in the inventory)… whatever… make an achievement … complete the new dungeon in gold with xxxxxx points as healer or what ever…

So many nice ways, but a BIS item as spam drop from an EZ M10??? Just lame, no reward/challenge… and no gameplay… so many players grinded for it to get even better in healing and now its free???

Well… sad if this item makes it to the live servers as is…

@Talon do you have any feedback for you? This life staff is still unchanged and so easy to get… (also with the latest PTR patch according to NWDB).

Did you stop to think that what motivated you to keep playing is the very thing that drove away so many other players? I agree that crafted items should have a benefit over dropped items, but it should be a smaller benefit with less cost. The crafting system rewards people who buy gold or belong to a rich company, leaving a majority of players at a disadvantage.