Remove Cleric's Walking Staff

Even worse, the crafting of a Blessed, Refreshing Move, and Mending Protection Life Staff was spurred by AGS’s ineptitude in having Keen and Vicious account for 31.31% of the probable outcomes when crafting such an item. Keen and Vicious are laughably bad, yet these perks have remained at the top of the list for LS since July 2022 despite the players’ feedback to overturn such an inept decision.

The least AGS could do is hand over the LS seeing as to how so many people likely have been suckered into playing the slot machines over and over again just to get two-perk dogsh*t.

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Well actually still a bad idea… just get one like all others did. But well - it will be available and from then on we wil only have BIS healers. Sad that this is not changed…

I mean they basically are. You can get it from the normal expedition.

Oops. Yup, what he said.

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The problem here is the punitive RNG of the crafting system, not the addition of a named item with good perks. It is the comparative ease that others will have to get this life staff, against the financial and psychological pain the OP suffered in crafting one.

I don’t think it serves the game to make items with practical and useful perk combinations rare. Effective rare items should be unique in appearance so people can show them off, and if the perks can be matched by other items, that’s fine, it allows for more accessible gameplay. We currently have the opposite, with the best BIS items being crafted and looking incredibly generic. Combine this with the difficulty of said crafting and we end up with something that just isn’t fun.


Stupidest post I have ever seen. “Dnt make this item cause in already crafted one”. What is even more stupid is the OP probably hasnt even played PTR, cause Orb is so terrible cause of the Fortify changes so this LS nt even good anymore.

Maybe you should actually play PTR before complaining about a PTR item. This will not be used next patch. If you put Orb on someone they will actually take more damage from Invigorating Punishment than the damage reduction they get from Orb. So this is not a BiS Lifestaff next patch.

People will most likely used Refreshing Divine Embrace or maybe Keen Beacon cause of the Crit Chance changes. Even Splash is an option. All of those already exist, so people have BiS for next patch already.

Admittedly, if you are using Mending Protection on staff, you likely are trying to get the healing amp which pairs extremely well with AoE healing. If you are running AoE healing or someone else is, every ally affected is easily going to be hitting 6-8 buffs from Life Staff alone which will cap out Invigorated Punishment’s effectiveness. IP just performs phenomenally in PvP content where Life Staffs are present, was the case before the Fortify changes, will be the case then after.

Perhaps I am just cynical, but I really am not too worried about the subject of Invigorated Punishment since it will perform better than Keen Awareness for several builds post patch and has been the go to far a lot of players already.