Remove fart noise

That’s the meteor sound effect imho. The meteors from that one event we did?


Could just be an odd “tree falling” noise.

Leaning towards meteor effect though.

Yea I reposted after watching it, there seems to be a kid somewhere with those 90s fart pads keychains.

Sounds like a proper dirty fart to me haha

Oh my, has anyone else had this experience? This post was a good read, thank you for the laughs :joy:.


I’m curious to find out what the noise actually is

I can’t breathe LMAO. I remember in the beta someone used Flèche in the distance and my friend on discord goes “hey did someone just rip ass?” :joy::joy::joy:


#Fartgate2022 - find the flatulence.

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Its either a fireball or a meteor shower

Now I am a bit dissapointed. I actually wanted to get trolled with a solid fart


I believe you man, I hear it all the time too

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it’s def legit, I have heard many a rip

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UndeadDestroyer’s video sounds like a falling tree to me.

I can make a nice big loud fart troll new world video for you if you want :slight_smile:

hahahaha. Let me this entire thread has been incredibly hilarious. I’ve heard this sound so many times and never thought it sounded like a fart.

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Now I will expect it more its not the same bruv you wasted your only bullet. Wait a bit until people forget this was posted :wink:

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Now you can’t unhear the world farting around you.

A beautiful, hand crafted, farting world all around you.

Everyone else is like this is war sounds, but here come the zoomers. Fucking Zoomers and their sick fetishes.

I’ll send it to one of my bros in the air force.
He will never look at the training field the same again

Corrupted breaches make this sound when they spawn

Why would you ruin it. This was funny, could have seen this rise up to the ficticious supreme gaming courts but no. Party pooper.