Remove fart noise

It is the new Halloween boss

Oddly enough I hear it… I’m sitting in Everfall by the community board and I’ve heard it several times. Strange.

We have to get to the bottom of this.


Butt let’s not take out conclusions out of our arse.

YES! i’ve noticed it standing in cities (Everfall at my house next to the forge and Ebonscale just above the entry bridge).

I always thought of it as a wood-creaking kind of effect that sounds WAY to much like someone ripping one… :wink:

EDIT: Just to be clear, this isn’t new. Its been around for a long time.

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We need to know what the noise is

This is like the best thread on the forums. :joy:

FYI a fireball also makes a similar sound when heard from a distance.

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Or at least add [Wet Wipes] to the game…they sound pretty meaty…

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If it is corruption portals spawning then I would suggest changing the sound to a really powerful thunder and lightning clap sound.

An earth fart

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OMG AHAHAHAHHAA I’ve always heard that, it’s funny asf :rofl:

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Please don’t ever let this thread die.

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Has anyone found out what the noise is yet ?

That is from people cutting down trees, sometimes it glitches out when it falls wierd and make that sound, it has been there since early beta, it is even louder when you stand next to the tree that makes the sound. I was wondering what the sound where myself during the beta testing, but figured it out by getting scared shitless while chopping down a tree :joy:

It could just be an audio bug in general getting triggered by more than one thing, but i know for sure that one of the instances is trees getting chopped down and getting bugged out while falling.

Nice to know.

I have cut many thousands of trees down never heard it from a tree I cut. Not saying it’s not that but I always hear it from a distance maybe that has something to do with it maybe a glitch in the sound files

I hear people ripping loud farts like that occasionally around Aeternum. I figured it was the true cost of eating Fried Albenaja. :person_shrugging:


I disagree, add more farts and bring back the Glimmerfen Stag pooping out soul quintessence. Thank you.


Yes. I’ve always hated this sound and turned off the volume when I’m in town crafting or banking. I never thought about starting a thread over it. But yeah, I would love an alternative sound to whatever is causing that.

Finally a thread about it, so i wasnt crazy all the time. Since launch i was hearing that fart here and there, but no one of my company did, or did not associate it with farts.

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And not a single “excuse me”. Unplayable!

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