Remove gold income from town ownership

Why does gold income from town ownership need to happen anyways? I just don’t get it. If I was a company leader and owned numerous towns and is making a fortune, I would sell that gold for real income LOL. In addition, the company can use that gold to just clean out the materials in the auction house. There is so much power in having that much income in game, esp with the gold cap, once you reach that cap, you are forced to spend that gold or sell it online.


something something ags is obsessed with the free market or something.

These words came from my heart. :smiley:

are you guys aware that changing it now is only gonna benefit the companies who are already rich lol

It’s amazing how people still believe a company making $2m a week is rich. Most companies distribute the gold between their main roster. If a company makes $2m a week that averages roughly $40k per player per week not calculating in upkeep cost. With the price of BIS gear going over $250k - gold cap, it would take months of holding that territory to even fully gear 10 players.

You act like most companies actually share that income with all their members. Not even close to reality at most only 5-10 players benefit from that income.


not really much of an excuse

great they have a surplus of gold.

it should slowly drain out as they do stuff with it.

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The ones that own EF, WW, and Brightwood do. I can’t think of a company who wouldn’t buy gear for their main roster, and I personally would leave my company if it wasn’t disturbed equally. It’s hard to share with everyone since it’s not as much money as everyone claims it to be. When the game initially released, $2m was a lot, but now it’s chump change.

Run a few Laz, Gen and Tempest and you’ll be loaded from the gear you get.


So make the ‘funny money’ apply to those as well.

For the same reason people buy a video game using real money that has nothing but digital rewards and virtual bragging rights.


Dont judge people for how they enjoy things. You don’t know what their life is like.

I like the topic, I would love to see towns reworked. I just dont know how much buy in people will have with such a drastic change all at once.

I think we have a misunderstanding. The argument was why and how should this system be changed.

The post being responded to said this:

Forgive me but I fail to see how my response is judgmental.

What’s being protested by the person I responded to is that there has to be money involved. Achievements, bragging rights, and more simply aren’t enough. Yet we pay real world money for just these things being suggested.

Perhaps you could help me by pointing out where I am being judgemental.

was thinking this too but simply adding double or triple the town buffs would solve it I think (better crafting). also the new PVP reward track is coming so you could tie that in with town ownership easily.

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Re-reading the messages, I misunderstood for sure. My bad homie.

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We need this. Please devs look into this. Gold income from towns is the main source of toxicity and player decrease as it literally undermine all player’s accomplishments.


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Absolutely Brilliant

Gear is expensive because of this excess gold


gear is expensive because crafting is terrible. its not expensive because companies own territories. its expensive because you are limited in resources to craft, and getting the right perks is absolute pain.

No, gear is expensive because gold is ultra inflated. Nobody is going to pay 3 million (500k+asmo) for an axe unless you have gold-printing territory.

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try to roll a thwarting strikes, refreshing move, keen axe. let me know how many limited mats (asmo, runic leather, glittering ebony) you go through.