Remove golden scarabs or make it way more rare!

I literally stated in my post that I DO NOT expect to just start the game on an even playing field, BUT before the GS system it was a more level playing field once you hit a certain level this is where SKILL came into play over how much better someones GEAR was. There is no way you can explain it to me in a logical sense if you think that having uber BIS gear is not a huge advantage over someone still in the process of grinding out said gear or GS for that matter. When I hit 60 I bought the best gear I could find at the time thinking it would give me at least a fighting chance and anyone I ran into after that who has the good gear has literally 2 shot me, even after adjusting my atts to 170 con and using good perks on my gear like resil, shirking etc. The difference in power is vastly above what it should be if this was truly to be skill based and not gear based. Also it does not mean there has to be a feeling of 0 progression, I get that, I too would still want it to feel like my training has merit. Either way the process now is mundane and really draws away from the early game fun.

hard disagree. getting those bis items is how I complete a build and finally get to use it.


who crafts weapons with weapon skill perks on them? that is what armor is for.

Hard disagree. In fact, this is the literal exact opposite of how I feel. The best part is being able to use your gear, aquiring it is the boring part usually.


as crafter I want to make my own equipment. Golden scarabs must be kept!

There are two types of players.

Those who when they get bis* gear, they quit the game because they’ve “won.”

And those who when they get bis gear, the game just begins.

*I hate this term and if AGS does their job, refining and adding interesting perks, hopefully the antiquated idea of “bis” will die in a fire.

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Bis will never die. It cant by nature.

Bis is an illusion. It already doesn’t exist (which is why people still argue about what actually is bis for almost every slot). There are too many variables to ever settle the debate. It’s a cultural thing that needs to go away.

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Nah, current Bis is Res/Fort. Shirk and Freedom. A lot of people pay 1 Million for it.

That’s bis in many situations, but not all. And not for every build. And not for every player. And it ignores weapon perks entirely.

Too many variables. It’s based on herd mentality and not testing (because it can hardly be tested) or anything real.

The price of things is based on herd mentality and assumptions as well. It proves nothing.

There are no tiers like wow where bis is obvious.

People need to let go of this idea of gear being the endpoint. There should be no “best gear” … There should only be “the right gear for me and my play style.”

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You probably had low expertise, yes, they should remove the GS scaling in PvP. But it’s not the gear itself, if you have resilient + shirking fortification and around 620 GS you are good to go.

Indeed the way but the cost of refreshing move is the issue :frowning:

OP lost me at “i have spent millions and never hit BiS etc… YES i have also spent millions and felt scammed afterwards”

…This is not ok

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If they made items crafted with the Scarabs Bind on Pickup that wouldn’t bother me none. An actual incentive to be 200 with full trophies and clothing.

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Super excited for the scarab. They need to make all sorts of cool perks, to make it hard to choose the ones you want and then make it easier to craft gear with the ones you want.

Down with “bis”!!!

But diversity and theory crafting is the future!!!

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How long has it been since you played?

Them being bind on equip makes them more valuable to 200 crafters though. Cause we can sell them.

Didn’t even read your comment. But you are wrong bis items should be more available. Its too hard to get.
So well done AGS you should keep golden scarab as is.

I mean if you invest that amount of time and money IMO it should be a 600 roll.

The game has craft crafting that nobody wants to do because its the most feel bad experience of any game.

Currently 99% of the player base cannot get any items from crafting. Most items everyone is wearing are random drops or named items for dungeons. I have maxed 200 armoring/trophies and guess what…not a single piece of BIS gear I have came from crafting. In fact crafting held me back I would of been BiS months ago had I not wasted money.

That alone shows up how screwed up and bad crafting is at the moment.

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