Remove Grit on at least light attacks and nurf berserk

The hatchet is an uninterruptable spam machine. All they do is spam light attack and they can’t be cc’d.


hatchet has to remain the same, bersek has one utility which is chase potential. 300 str on the other hand is just bullshit.

I play spear, so any form of grit fucks me up, but hatchet actually sacrifices utility and one skill in order to have that buff, 300 str doesn’t sacrifice anything, in fact it provides more 14% damage if you have the perk and it also provides with more defense.

I get that grit is annoying but hatchet must not be targeted here, since it has 0 AOE and doesn’t have any form of stun, which is not the case for hammer and great axe.

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Nah man. AFTER it’s popped, they can be slowed, stunned, and rooted. They can’t be knocked down, knocked back, or staggered during the duration.

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