Remove Gypsum/Umbral, replace with salvage

Why is the expertise system so convoluted and tedious? The system boils down to a series of chores you have to complete in order to progress your expertise. They have completely arbitrary requirements and are non-intuitive. It introduces a bunch of pointless items that are good for only one thing. After doing all these chores, you are time gated 3 times, before actually getting the expertise bump. Now we have a brand new item, the umbral shards, just for increasing expertise to 625.

Why not just integrate existing systems to increase expertise, instead of making everything complicated? Why not just drop the time gates and let people play the way they want to play? This isn’t a mobile game.

Rework the gypsum, umbral system into the following:

  • Remove random expertise increases. Change the expertise to have an experience bar for each slot, rather than relying on random bumps

To increase expertise you can:

  • Use the weapon that you want an expertise bump in (only applies after reaching level 20)
  • Salvage items you have picked up. The closer the item is to your current expertise, and how rare it is determines the experience added to the expertise bar.
  • Craft items and salvage them. The closer the item is to your current expertise, and how rare it is determines the experience added to the expertise bar. (Dangerous, could be gamed)
  • Already expertise 600? Salvaging gives an expertise aptitude chest that allows you to reroll a specific random perk category on items or bump the GS of an item(idk about this one, ya’ll can figure that out)

This is simple and intuitive. Now, how do we keep dailies?

Thats pretty easy too. For the:

First dungeon/arena/boss/OPR of the day?
Guarantee purples, or increase luck for the first set of items received / caches opened

First item craft of the day?
Increase chance of getting a blue/purple/gold? I don’t know.

First aptitude cache of the day?
Put weapons/armor/jewlery in aptitude caches. The first aptitude cache opened that day guarantees purples, or has increased luck applied.

To be honest, I hate dailies, but you are still going to have them. At minimum, the above is more straightforward and rewarding. You aren’t forced to do content to get an expertise boost, but you are rewarded for it, which is how dailies should work.

What this does:

  • Makes salvaging worthwhile. Got a musket with focus? At least salvaging it boosts your expertise
  • Makes expertise systems simple. No more gypsum, orbs, casts, cooldown timers, umbral shards. Just salvage.
  • Makes weapon XP have a purpose past level 20
  • Rewards players for reaching the expertise cap
  • Makes it scalable. You wont have to revisit the expertise system and add another item/shard when you want to bump the expertise cap to 650. Just release a new area with higher GS drops, the system handles itself.

Thoughts/comments are appreciated. Thanks!



Dailies were invented to keep people stuck on your game but the problem is players are on to it and tired of playing games that feel like a second job to stay competitive in a game.




Leave it alone, no one cares about the title.

I do and I’m sure a lot of others too. I 100% agree with OP on giving players chores to complete in a game is not fun. I don’t even understand the concept of this. “Let’s give players something they HAVE TO DO in order to get bigger numbers on their gear.” How is that supposed to be fun or engaging? Who the hell thought that farming topaz every bloody day for 1 hour will be fun?? Or killing the exact same boss over and over again until you get 3 obsidian??
You say I don’t have to? Yeah you’re right. I can completely rely on RNG and do chest runs all day every day to get an expertise bump too… that just sounds so much more fun, right?
Unfortunately you can’t say that I don’t have to do one or the other. I do have to, otherwise I’m not competitive. The game is so gear oriented, you pretty much have to have a BiS item to stay competitive, otherwise your build doesn’t really work.
On top of all this comes the extremely RNG heavy crafting system in which you craft trash after trash for days just to level up your crafting (selling something you crafted is not easy) then salvage it and do it all over again. Go out, farm materials for hours, craft crap, rinse and repeat…
I can craft 535GS armor now. My expertiese is about 520 so I thought I craft myself some decent gear so I can use my bow/spear effectively. I made sure I get Dex gear so I used the item I needed for that (don’t remember what it’s called) and if you thing out of 15 gloves I got a single useful one you’re badly mistaken mate. Took up all the best materials, runecloth smolderhide,cinnabar…etc for fuck all. Nothing. I got a dex gear with shield rush and +durability and similar shit on it. All useless to me and all of them unsellable unless you sell it for a fiver. Fuck this man. Honestly. Why AGS (and many other companies tbh) thinks it’s fun to grind/farm all day long just for the sake of it? Grinding for expertise/materials… for anything is NOT FUN and it’s certainly not content. It’s a chore, it’s a second job nobody wants. It’s a simple time waste.


Oh, I forgot to mention (although OP did) the upcoming umbral shards. That’s just more grind you HAVE TO DO to increase some numbers again, right? I’m sooo looking forward to that one. Just what we need. Something to grind because we don’t have enough…

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Gotta keep bumping. The gypsum system is awful, and a rework has to be on the roadmap.


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Meh. I like it.

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That is a terrible game design, it sounds intuitive and fun.

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If they don’t time gate then people will finish too quickly lol. I mean I would rather have real content but I’m just explaining why they will push time gated content until the game dies.

Well, that’s what actually killing the game tbh. People asking for end game CONTENT, not end game GRIND. There’s a quite significant difference between the two. PVP players asking for arenas, balance changes, desync fix, war overhaul… PVE players asking for more dungeons, new areas, NPC variety… You know…content.
I’ve not read a single post saying " God, I wish we had something else to grind materials for… Only if I had a reason to chop another 2 million trees, or mine 38947583 iron ore… it would be so much fun…"
Umbral shads and gypsum exactly this. Grind day after day after day. I already got sick of it and I’m only at 520 GS. I haven’t logged in for 5 days now. I just can’t get myself to go and farm bloody topaz and obsidian, amethyst…etc for days on end just so… well, I don’t even know what for. OPR is a mess, I’m not in a company so wars are out of the question and dungeons are time gated and expensive to run so… I would grind for higher level gear just for the sake of it? Thank you but no thank you AGS


You’re 100% right and I agree with you and am in a similar situation myself. I just don’t have confidence that the dev team or management will be able to push out fun content. Instead they choose the quick and easy option of copy pasting something to make more similar grind, and time gate it to ensure people can’t rush through it too quickly. The dungeon mutations are annoying because you are time gated and when you aren’t allowed to do the dungeons because of time gating you either just have to sit there and do nothing or not play the game. Great design right there.

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