Remove Health Potions from Organized PvP

As the title says… remove health potions from organized PvP such as Wars and OPR. Every time I fight someone else I don’t feel like I’m fighting them, I feel like I’m fighting their health potions. “Oh, I’m dying to someone less geared than me, let me drink another potion.”

I know many of you won’t like it, but it needs to be done. It’s getting ridiculous. Fighting someone more geared than you, but a lot less skilled, and yet lose because their health potions restore such large amounts of health.

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get better gear problem fixed.


How does that solve the issue? All they will do is keep on running and chugging health potions.

What a stupid comment…

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Sounds like you’re one of those.

It’s some kind of joke, isn’t? :wink:

You have cooldown between potions for 30 seconds. If that is still not enough for You, then maybe improve Your skills ?


It’s not a skill issue. One can only DPS so much while someone runs away while drinking potions and having a restoration pot active as well.

there wont be a second cooldown for his pot before you kill him with good gear.


You’re just wrong. Just get it. It won’t happen.

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If fights were that one dimensional. Hurr durr.

Nice opinion. Doesn’t change the fact health potions are unnecessary in organized PvP.

Instead, they should remove the ability to use open world consumables in instanced pvp matches.

You should only be able to use the ones earned in match.


I like that idea. A better suggestion.

nerf healers waaahhhhh can’t kill them nerf heal pots waaaahhhhhhh can’t kill them… nerf your bitching.


I never complained about healers because I didn’t have a problem with them. It’s nice to know you have the emotional range of a teaspoon though.

Potions have a cooldown just like an ability. Seems like you keep getting outplayed.

If I used potions I would never die either. But that’s not my play style. I don’t play cheap.

If you don’t use potions you’re doing something wrong. I highly recommend it. Potions or not, it doesn’t make someone immortal.

I don’t use them in organized PvP because it defeats the whole purpose of those fights. I’m fine with them in the open world though.

There’s a 30 sec cooldown for a reason, they can’t just spam it.

You say you’re more “skilled”, I wouldn’t take your word for it though. If you can’t kill someone in 30 seconds you probably aren’t good or you are 1vXing.

Either way, pots aren’t the problem.

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