Remove Knockdowns in PvP - Only KILLS!

During Wars and Outpost Rush ( i.e. dedicated PvP events), player characters continue to have the knockdown mechanic where we can still be revived unless we experience one more hit to kill us.

I would recommend this mechanic is removed because it would then give those players who actually “kill” the player, the actual kill, instead of the “knockdown.” I find it frustrating to be fighting a player and finally get him down to only lose the kill shot due to the knockdown mechanic. Additionally, in both Wars and Outpost Rush, your score is more directly impacted by the number of kills then any other scoring possibility.

In my experience and observation, rarely are players revived during these events too. We do not suffer durability loss. It should be a straight kill and the knockdown mechanic should be removed.



Its annoying as hell.

But i understand why its a thing for wars though.
Considering that wars are more about team play instead of “omg look at my kills” and being able to pick someone up when the re spawn timer goes up is real nice.

For OPR though? Taking some dude down from 100 to 0 just to have it sniped as his body flops over is actually starting to become infuriating since knockdowns does not seem to be count for anything.
It also breeds bad player habits, i have seen so many people just not help on kills because they are holding off on their damage because they are anticipating their chance to snag a kill.

I dont know, either make the players not go into a knocked down state and just friggin die when being taken down to 0, or maybe add a knockdown counter to the scoreboard and have it count towards contribution.

Its kind of a petty niggle in the grand scheme of things, but im sure im not the only person who just sighs and rolls their eyes everytime someone snipes one of your knockdowns.

They shouldn’t remove it. They should change kill count logic and give kill to person who has made knockdown, like in EVERY SINGLE GAME


This 100%.

Kill count in most games is based on when you knock the player down, but if they get picked up you don’t actually get the kill. So you still need to finish them off. Players should get an assist for finishing them off but not the kill.


I approve this idea but only in War/outpost rush. Not in open world pvp

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But if they adjust the coding for this, who knows what will break. Probably will lead to people being able to teleport or something random.


Knockdown = Kill
Execute = Assist

It’s not a good point system currently, and needs refinement


Totally agree with this, also outpost rush needs mechanics to value the activities of tanks. There should be a scoring mechanism for amount of damage mitigated before death.


+1 bump for visibility.

Gotta love getting toxic players talking crap when I have 67 knockdowns and 3 kills… Ya’ll need to fix how this is scored. It only adds to the toxicity of the games.

At least put a 5 - 10 second timer on the knocked player. If they die within 5 - 10 seconds of a knockdown, the player that knocked them gets the kill, after that, it becomes an assist.

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knockdown mechanic can stay, its just kill goes to who knock the guy.


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