Remove Leaderboard Achievements

These new achievements seems to have been added recently as a side effect way to provide titles to certain few players. Most games usually provide skins/decorations/rewards but certainly not achievements. There are also typos in them for top1 WW owner.

Recently the 1,000,000 repair parts achievement was reduced to 100,000 repair parts because it was too long to obtain. Those new achievements really goes into the opposite direction.

Obtaining those achievements for non company leader will certainly encourage way to cheese and promote toxic behavior.

Another example :

The screenshot above is not about being good/best or stat padding skill in a war, but more about how much do you pay a significant amount of players on the other side to play poorly vs you without being noticed.


Very much agree. I think at a minimum it shouldn’t count towards total achievement completed counter, if not removed. Titles should be able to be added outside of achievements.

I was extremely pleased with the repair part change, but this goes so far in the wrong direction.


Obtaining those achievements for non company leader will certainly encourage way to cheese and promote toxic behavior.

I was extremely pleased with the repair part change, but this goes so far in the wrong direction.

I agree with these points. I think the Leaderboard Achievements should be removed entirely.


I totally agree though I got a question. Is there a way to make Achievements show up? Most of the time the UI is broken like I would say a good 75-80% of the time.

They are aware of that in other threads.

What generally works for me is logging out at an area that doesn’t have players. Just hop over to an unpopular spirit shrine, walk out a bit, exit the game, then re-enter ( but also take your time to load the game ).

Hope this helps :two_hearts:

The best way to fix this is entering an instanced game mode (3v3, opr, expeditions).

Let’s try to stay on topic here. There’s many other threads for the achievement “Uninitialized” bug.

Leaderboard achievements SHOULD NOT count toward the total counter.

This is truly terrible for my completionism playstyle
Getting further and further away from that nice clean 100%

I don’t PvP at all, so I don’t know the specifics . . . but would a system similar to the PvP track be considered as another tracking option for leaderboards ? With rewards, checkpoints, etc.


Are you saying all leaderboard achievements be removed or just PvP ones? I get people play completionism and some of those PvP ones seems kinda meh and definitely manipulative.

Im a bit on the fence because achievements would be ultra rare which makes them kinda a reward in themselves, especially if boards wipe every quarter so the achievement is the out of game permanent record of its occurence.

But im also not a 100% achievement collector so it doesnt bother me and ppl who do care seem to be more affected by it than I would be so all good either way.

I would prefer a more permanent record in game though, ofc cosmetics and titles but maybe in the respective towns a hall of heroes or even a logbook in the governors hall the has a lifetime recording of every 10 finish thats recorded.

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Mutations group of 5… ok.
Solo boss new thing… ok.
Those 2 above sounds like un-bias consistent competitions.

Scoring in a war… flawed wrong. Example stated above.
Scoring in invasions… flawed wrong. Imagine players being kick because they interfere with the musket/bow claiming both back spawns.
Scoring in OPR… A large company Q together, speed kill each other without destroying the pve built respawn stone. Anyone interfering (because of good/wrong will) would end up in toxic global chat.

Holding a territory as a governor is a game content that less then 1% of the players will ever experience. No need of reward for that, it is already so exceptional.


Leaderboard in PVP just makes things toxic. They should just roll out PVE and crafting leaderboard first… being too ambitious always end up in problems and bugs…

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I’m much less worried about PvE and PvP Leaderboards existing than I am the existence of Leaderboard Achievements. The position on the leaderboard should be reward/bragging rights enough.

Leaderboard Achievements should be entirely removed from the Achievements menu. Give Leaderboards their own menu, unique and distinct from Achievements menu. They should not affect the 100% game completion experience.


I strongly dislike these achievements. We want scoreboards in expeditions, not leaderboards for owning territory. :frowning_face:


I agree with the sentiment, these sound like these should not be turned into achievements.

Rather, just replace these titles as temporary rewards for those currently in those positions in the leaderboards. Give a fancy temporary mount for those owning the titles at the mount, or fancy armor skin for the duration. But keep it away from achievements.

Achievements may be challenging to obtain, but they need to remain obtainable. An achievement like “War Champion”, earned by placing 1st on the quarterly leaderboard, strongly goes in against that. It’s going to ensure it to be highly unlikely for players to ever complete all achievements. Which considering the number of people who generally speaking are achievement hunters in games, will turn a considerable number of people off.

I’m not sure what the achievements look like under the other leaderboard categories, but if they are similar in nature I’d say also remove or replace them.


Here is a list and my comments :

Mutated Expeditions :


Best score/time in weekly M10. Kind of OK.

Boss Trial :

No clue what is being evaluated to rank into the leaderboard. Kill fast ?
If it is quantity of kills in 3months (Quarterly), horrible idea. Raise up the price of the mats on TP to prevent others to compete while you do.

Faction War :

War score, already commented. No commander will ever want someone trying hard to get that title.

vs. Player :

Run 90 pvp missions per day for 90 days (Quaterly!!!) in a row to be the best ?

Outpost Rush :

OPR score, everyone knows it is so irrelevant. Only obtainable in timeout 45 minutes matches ? More time lead to higher score.

Invasions and Breaches :

No clue what is a breach score. It is a dynamic event.
Invasion score, already commented in first post.

Territory Control :

Already commented.
BUT THE LAST ONE ! ( 1 gov controlling ALL territory ?!?!?! ) I hardly imagine this is someone AGS would ever want this to happen and would reward only a single player if it ever happen !

In all of the cases above, to obtain those achievements, the best effort is to simply transfer to a dead server(work really hard with friends) and hope it does not get merged before obtaining the achievement.


This thread still hasn’t been opened . . .

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Yes, because Leaderboards haven’t been activated on PTR yet. I will be commenting once it is in enabled.


Remove all achievements
Devs should be focused on content not stat keeping


They should implement leaderboard but not toxic pvp leaderboard… OPR and arenas are toxic enough…