REMOVE loot chests

1.remove loot chests and put the loot to drop after u kill the mobs/bosses
2. make option when to mobs die to autoput the loot in ur inventory




I agree only going to the chest ruins exploration and immersion. And with the minimap debate those are the only things devs seem to care about I guess they’ll start banning for bypassing “exploration and immersion” and going directly to chests

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If they remove loot chests i am happy, i am a crafter i see my 584 GS stuff created with aasmodeum not sold becouse loot chests farmers sell gs 600 ceeper and i can’t compete.

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“Make it easier to get good loot: I’d rather kill a few enemies little by little in hopes of getting good drops than have to run past a horde of them and organize a group for good drops”

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well makes sense to get the good lewt when u kill hard enemies

But if we only get loot from killing enemies then everyone will be able to just make a lot of good items really fast, or the devs would try to prevent that by making certain enemies only drop items once a day like they do with elite chests. Part of chests is that you have to find the chests, and if they are elite you have to fight through mobs to get to the chest. It gives players a reason to explore.

yeah u farm bosses all day long if u want,and wait for them to respawn between battles so what?

It’s too easy to just camp 1 high level enemy and fight them over and over than it is to have to run through mobs to get chests.

It’s so easy that the devs would have to balance it out anyway and make it so the bosses only drop really rare stuff once a day.

On top of being super easy, it is super boring to just stand in one place farming. What you are asking for is basically a free exploit to rare items.

its like farming wood or ore,u can spam farm all day 24/7,whoever gets bored goes to do something else

This is already in the game in addition to chests.

but they are still chest which u can get evan if u dont fight bosses,i think its not fair,u must work to get the loot by killing the NPC

To bad there’s always a zerg and you never do enough damage to get loot off npc drops

I don’t like getting chests at the end of a opr for example, and i dislike the entire concept of “water mark farming”, i dislike water mark farming in the sense you run around looting a bunch of chests. I’d rather chests be a bonus or rare spawn in a dungeon.

I think these things ruin immersion significantly. Honestly, i’d rather just get more gold in opr then get all that useless crap, or alternatively tokens for pvp faction with another rank above current max rank with 580-600 gear which i can buy with tokens.

Water mark should be given for completing activities like wars, opr, arena, expeditions, etc, not something you just spam farm in the open world. It should be automatic and work in harmony to what you do, not be something you do as an intent to push it.

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You don’t get rare weapons and armor from farming wood though Lonutel! Lol bless you

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either u get them from a boss or farm resourses,sell them,and buy items,same stuff